Big Weekend in Big Spring for Shelby Boisjoli

Shelby Boisjoli gets back on "Onna," and wins $3,140 in 2.2 seconds in Big Spring, Texas.

Shelby Boisjoli Onna NFBR
Shelby Boisjoli led the pack in the two slack go rounds for Utah Days of '47 Rodeo. | Jamie Arviso Photo

How’s a 2.2-second run, worth $3,140 for the first run back on your best horse?

Ask Shelby Boisjoli, who had a win at Big Spring, Texas, to celebrate on her birthday weekend.

Onna—the 2021 WPRA Breakaway Horse of The Year—has been out from Boisjoli’s lineup at her second job.

“It felt good to be back on Onna,” Boisjoli said of the 7-year-old mare. “The last time I rode her was sometime before the California run. She was in the breeding barn, and we got embryos out of her from Woody Be Tuff and Metallic Mallice.”

More on Onna:

After Onna returned from the breeding facility, Boisjoli worked to get the mare back in shape. She first Onna legged up on her Priefert hot wallker, and has been exercising the mare away from cattle. But she only had the chance to run three calves before Big Spring. Despite the break, and despite her backup horses Lil Punch and Rootbeer placing at ProRodeos recently, Onna was still the natural fit for Big Spring.

“The calves were all walking fresh,” Boisjoli explained. “She just scores so good, so it’s a lot easier on me on walking fresh calves. I can sit still instead of trying to get a pull start.”

Looking ahead, Boisjoli will have Onna on the trailer for the majority of summer rodeos, along with Rootbeer and Lil Punch as backups. She plans to pull more embryos out of Onna in the future and has high hopes for her breeding career.

ProRodeo world standings coverage is brought to you all season long thanks to our friends at Cactus Ropes.

Belt, Montana, June 18-19

1. Jacey Fortier, 2.6-second run, worth $1,690

2. Molly Salmond, 3.1-second run, worth $1,399

3. Tracey Bolich, 3.3-second run, worth $1,107

4. (tie) Anna Callaway, 3.4-second run, worth $544

5. (tie) Kendal Pierson, 3.4-second run, worth $544

6. (tie) Mikayla Witter, 3.4-second run, worth $544

Innisfall, Alberta June 17-19

1. Jade Kenney, 2.10-second run, worth $1,686

2. Payton Smith, 2.21-second run, worth $1,466

3. Taylor Flewelling, 2.27-second run, worth $1,247

4. Jessie Armstrong, 2.36-second run, worth $1,026

5. Bobbi Henderson, 2.46-second run, worth $807

6. (tie) Kendal Pierson, 2.51-second run, worth $477

7. (tie) Lakota Bird, 2.51-second run, worth $477

8. Brittany Schuk, 2.66-second run, worth $147

Stavely, Alberta, June 17-19

1. Aubrey Ross, 2.38-second run, worth $1,578

2. Brooke Auclair, 2.43-second run, worth $1,372

3. Taylor Flewelling, 2.51-second run, worth $1,167

4. Caitlyn Wiswell, 2.57-second run, worth $961

5. Harleigh Henderson, 2.58-second run, worth $755

6. Lakota Bird, 2.67-second run, worth $549; 

7. Bailey Hines, 2.70-second run, worth $343

8. Traci Aipperspach, 2.72-second run, worth $137

Big Spring, Texas, June 16-18

1. Shelby Boisjoli, 2.2-second run, worth $3,140

2. (tie) Josie Conner, 2.4-second run, worth $2,433

3. (tie) Kayelen Helton, 2.4-second run, worth $2,433

4. Tacy Webb, 2.5-second run, worth $1,884

5. Jill Tanner, 2.6-second run, worth $1,570

6. (tie) Martha Angelone, 2.7-second run, worth $765

7. (tie) Maci Berry, 2.7-second run, worth $765

8. (tie) Bailey Jay, 2.7-second run, worth $765

9. (tie) Aspen Miller, 2.7-second run, worth $765

10. (tie) Kaylee Billingsley, 2.8-second run, worth $235

11. (tie) Lauren Hopkins, 2.8-second run, worth $235

12. (tie) Danielle Lowman, 2.8-second run, worth $235

13. (tie) Abigail Shofner, 2.8-second run, worth $235

14. (tie) Tierra Zapalac, 2.8-second run, worth $235

Delta, Utah, June 17-18

1. Sammy Taylor 3.0-second run, worth $1,066

2. (tie) Codilynn McPherson, 3.1-second run, worth $778

3. (tie) Montana Brown, 3.1-second run, worth $778 

4. (tie) Tibba Smith, 3.1-second run, worth $775

5. (tie) Sierra Stoll, 3.2-second run, worth $355

6. (tie) Makayla Brown, 3.2-second run, worth $355 

7. (tie) Makayla Boots, 3.2-second run, worth $355 

8. (tie) Brighton Bauman, 3.2-second run, worth $355 

9. Addy Hill, 3.3-second run, worth $155 

10. Shawnee Sagers, 3.9-second run, worth $102

North Platte, Nebraska, June 15-18

1. Taya McAdow, 2.8-second run, worth $1,445

2. (tie) Linsay Rosser Sumpter, 2.9-second run, worth $947

3. (tie) Shawnee Sherwood, 2.9-second run, worth $947

4. (tie) Addie Weil, 2.9-second run, worth $947

5. Amber Carson, 3.0-second run, worth $448

6. Cedar Jandreau, 3.1-second run, worth $249

Newtown, North Dakota, June 17-19

1. Kassie Meyer, 2.2-second run, worth $1,363

2. Taylor Engesser, 2.4-second run, worth $1,128

3. (tie) Brooklyn Berg, 2.7-second run, worth $776

4. (tie) Joey Williams, 2.7-second run, worth $776

5. (tie) Cora Borman 2.8-second run, worth $165

6. (tie) Kassie Kautzman 2.8-second run, worth $165

7. (tie) Kristy Lawrence 2.8-second run, worth $165

8. (tie) Sidney Peters, 2.8-second run, worth $165

Mesquite, Texas, June 18

1.(tie) Rheagan Cotton, 2.2-second run, worth $677

2. (tie) Cally Hardwick, 2.2-second run, worth $677

3. Lauren Hopkins, 2.2-second run, worth $677

4. Maci Ray, 2.2-second run, worth $677

5. Anna Dietrich, 2.4-second run, worth $404

6. Fallon Hanson, 2.5-second run, worth $323

7. Tacy Webb, 2.9-second run, worth $243

8. (tie) Jill Tanner and Kate Thompson, 3.4-second run, worth $141

10. Lari Dee Guy, 3.5-second run, worth $81

Woodstown Pilesgrove, New Jersey, June 18

1.Kelsey King, 3.4-second run, worth $639

2. (tie) Tori Roberto, 5.0-second run, worth $400

3. (tie) Kerri Stein, 5.0-second run, worth $400 

4. Karen Brown, 5.3-second run, worth $160

Basin City, Washington, June 17-18

1.(tie) Annie Minor, 2.8-second run, worth $1,021

2.(tie) Mattie Turner, 2.8-second run, worth $1,021

3. (tie) Dani Clark, 3.2-second run, worth $636

4. (tie) Lynn Rodriguez, 3.2-second run, worth $636

5. Kimberly Sanford, 3.3-second run, worth $347

6. Amanda Hodges, 3.4-second run, worth $193

Grover, Colorado June 18-19

1.(tie) Reata Beck

2.(tie) Josie Conner, 2.8-second run

3. (tie) Kerby Lane Anderson and Sawyer Gilbert, 3.3-second run

5. Wacey Day, 3.4-second run

6. Willow Wilson, 3.5-second run

(Payout unavailable at time of publication)

Colville, Washington, June 17-18

No qualified runs.

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