The American Semifinals Cheat Sheet: Breakaway Roping Performance 2

The second performance of The American Semifinals takes place on March 2 at 7:00 p.m. CST and will take place at Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas. Find out the information on the ropers and horses who will be competing.

Madison Outhier at the American Semifinals
BRJ File Photo/Jamie Arviso Photo

In Performance 1, 16-year-old Kat-Lyn Hooper moved into the lead in the aggregate with a 2.08-second run, giving her a total of 5.99 seconds on three head aboard Razma Rooster. 

Kaydence Crawford turned in the fastest time of the night with a 2.07-second run that moved her into the No. 2 position in the aggregate with 6.19 seconds on three head aboard Scootin On An Acre.  

Of the 34 competing in the three performances, only the top 10 will go up against the pro field in the contender round on Friday, March 4. In the second performance, the following 11 cowgirls will have their chance to challenge Hooper and Crawford and stay in the running for a potential $2-million payout.  

#1. Tayler Felton 

Qualifying time: 4.80 

Horse: Kelli Wins Cash, a 2014 mare by Jacks Red Hombre and out of Cassie Wins Cash 

#2. Sammy Taylor 

Qualifying time: 5.09 

Horse: KA Rio Bar, a 2011 gelding by Rios My Sister and out of Bar B Robin 

#3. Sarah Angelone 

Qualifying time: 5.24 

Horse:  Don’t Cry To Me Wendy, a 2015 mare by Hottish and out of MixMeAStrawberryLena.

#4. Kayelen Helton 

Qualifying time: 5.25 

Horse: MJ Cody Wichita, a 2011 gelding by WR Wired Wichita and out of Countess To Seven. 

#5. *Baylee Lester 

Qualifying time: 5.70 

Horse: Spots Dancin Cat, a 2011 gelding by Spots Hot and out of Dancin Cat 

#6. Bailey Gubert 

Qualifying time: 5.04 

Horse: Gubert used DMAX Max Takeoff, a 2012 gelding by Cats Merada and out of Dual N At Noon in the slack, but will be switching to Third Merada, a 2013 gelding by Third Cutting and out of Meradas Bitsy in the performance.  

#7. Shelbie Rose 

Qualifying time: 5.39 

Horse: Salty, a 2014 grade mare.  

#8. Martha Angelone 

Qualifying time: 5.14 

Horse: Black K Shadow, a 2005 gelding by Mr Impressive Beau and out of Sun Bars Sis.  

#9. Jordan Jo Hollabaugh 

Qualifying time: 3.73 

Horse: Smarter Than Gage, a 2014 gelding by Smarter Than Tom and out of Smart Annie Jo. 

#10. Madison Outhier 

Qualifying time: 5.21 

Horse: Allo Gallo Colonel, a 2008 gelding by Gallo de Cielo and out of Colonel C Hermosa.  

#11. Makayla Mack 

Qualifying time: 4.23 

Horse: ARI Dualin 112, a 2012 gelding by Lenas Dualin and out of Ariel Daniel.