Tiffany Schieck Goes 1.9 to Win Round 1 of WPRA World Finals

Tiffany Schieck got the Round 1 win at the 2022 WPRA World Finals, coming off a year where she won the Cheyenne Frontier Days breakaway.

Tiffany Schieck Goes 1.9 To Win Round 1 Of Wpra World Finals
Tiffany Schieck winning Round 1 at the 2022 WPRA World Finals | WPRA Photo by James Phifer

Tiffany Schieck of Floresville, Texas, finished the 2022 season as the reserve Rookie of the Year in the breakaway roping but she roped like a veteran on opening day at the WPRA World Finals.

Schieck stopped the clock in 1.9 seconds to win the first round and pocket $2,486. Misti Brown and Lari Dee Guy took second in a time of 2.0 seconds and Sarah Angelone took fourth in a time of 2.1 seconds. Sarah, the sister of No. 1 ranked Martha Angelone, got the best of her sister in the first round with Martha finishing tied for sixth with a 2.3 second run. The sisters, originally from Virginia, teamed up in the team roping and stopped the clock in 7.3 seconds to finish third in the round. 

Rylee George of Oakdale, California, won the first round in the tie-down roping with a 13.1-second run. Four-time and reigning world champion Kari Nixon was second in a time of 14.2 seconds. Tanegai Zilverberg of Holabird, South Dakota., took third in 15.9 seconds. 

Second-round action will begin at 7 p.m. CT on Friday night and will be live streamed on the Wrangler Network.

Breakaway Roping Round 1

First round: 1. Tiffany Shieck, Floresville, TX, 1.9 seconds, $2,486; 2. (tie) Misti Brown, Valentine, NE and Lari Dee Guy, Stephenville, TX, 2.0, $1,953 each; 4. Sarah Angelone, Lipan, TX, 2.1, $1,539; 5. Hope Thompson, Abilene, TX, 2.2, $1,184; 6. (tie) Delani Wood, Grandview, TX, Rylee Hansen, Weiser, ID, Shai Schaefer, Lake Creek, TX and Martha Angelone, Stephenville, TX, 2.3, $621 each; 10. (tie) Erin Johnson, Fowler, CO and Shelby Boisjoli, Stephenville, TX, 2.4, $118.

Tie-down Roping

First round: 1. Rylee George, Oakdale, CA, 13.1 seconds, $692; 2. Kari Nixon, Freedom, OK, 14.2, $573; 3. Tanegai Zilverberg, Holabird, SD, 15.9, $453; 4. Martha Angelone, Stephenville, TX, 19.2, $334; 5. Shelby Boisjoli, Stephenville, TX, 21.1, $215; 6. Chenoa Vadestouwe, 23.7, $119.