WCRA Stampede At the E Breakaway Full Results

The Stampede at the E has wrapped up, and the compete breakaway results are right here.

Martha Angelone after winning Progressive Round 1 of the 2024 WCRA Stampede at The E.
Martha Angelone won Progressive Round 1 of the 2024 WCRA Stampede at The E. | Photo by Bullstock Media, courtesy WCRA

The WCRA Stampede at the E paid more than $400,000 across the event—and breakaway champion Jordan Jo Hollabaugh earned more than $20,000.

Stampede at the E final totals

PlaceAthleteShort Go TimeShort Go MoneyTotal Money
1Jordan Jo Hollabaugh2.33$15,000$19,935
2Josey James2.63$6,500$6,500
3Kelsie Domer3$2,500$5,757
4Jackie Crawford3.63$1,000$3,500
5Marybeth Beam7.2$1,000$2,500
6Catherine Clayton7.37$1,000$2,957
7Bleu Hall$500$2,335
8Martha Angelone$500$6,000

Stampede at the E Breakaway Short Round Qualifiers

Martha AngeloneJordan Jo Hollabaugh
Jackie CrawfordCatherine Clayton
Kelsie DomerBleu Hall
Marybeth BeamJosey James

Stampede at the E Breakaway Progressive Round 2 Results

1MaryBeth Beam1.74$1,500
2Martha Angelone2.33$1,000
3Bleu Hall2.49$750
4Jordan Jo Hollabaugh2.5$350
5Josey James2.93
6Jackie Crawford3.22
7Kelsie Domer3.8
8Catherine Clayton3.91

Stampede at the E Breakaway Progressive Round 1 Results

1Martha Angelone2.37$1,500
2Jackie Crawford2.61$1,000
3Catherine Clayton2.95$550
4Jordan Jo Hollabaugh2.95$500
5Kelsie Domer3.74
6Brandi McDowell4.85
7Bleu Hall6.7

Stampede at the E Breakaway Progressive Round Qualifiers

Martha AngeloneSeeded via leaderboard
Kelsie DomerSeeded via leaderboard
Rylie RomeroSeeded via leaderboard
Josey JamesSeeded via leaderboard
Marybeth BeamSeeded via leaderboard
Taylor RaupeSeeded via leaderboard
Brandi McDowellAdvancing via Round 1 win
Rylie EdensAdvancing via Round 2 win
Jordan Jo HollabaughAdvancing via top 4 average
Bleu HallAdvancing via top 4 average
Catherine ClaytonAdvancing via top 4 average
Jackie CrawfordAdvancing via top 4 average

Qualifying Round Results

AthleteRound 1 timeRound 1 placeRound 1 moneyRound 2 timeRound 2 placeRound 2 moneyAverage placeAverage timeAverage moneyTotal
Kelsie Domer2.653$542.862.271$1,085.7114.9$1,628.57$3,257.14
Jordan Jo Hollabaugh2.582$814.292.99  25.57$1,221.43$2,036
Bleu Hall3.66  2.434$271.4336.09$814.29$1,085.72
Catherine Clayton3.454$271.433.06  46.51$407.14$678.57
Jackie Crawford4.18  3.89      
Taylor Raupe4.59  3.95      
Josey James8.74  4.85      
Mallorie Fewell9.26  4.74      
Brandi McDowell2.31$1,085.71NT     $1,085.71
Rylie EdensNT  2.312$814.29   $814.29
Kylie ReiningerNT  2.383$542.86   $542.86

What is the WCRA anyway?

Think of the WCRA as a sidepot that’s just in the background—a floating association. They don’t require co-sanctioning with any associations, there’s no membership fees. But, they have “Triple Crown of Rodeo,” events that happen throughout the year, which are bonus finals. The Stampede at the E Breakaway roping is one of those Triple Crown events, and breakaway ropers are eligible for the $1 million bonus should they win three consecutive events.

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