Tacy Kay Webb’s WCRA Rodeo Quest for $1M

Tacy Kay Webb is set to compete at Rodeo Corpus Christi for her shot at the WCRA’s $1 million Triple Crown of Rodeo bonus.

Webb Eyes Triple Crown Of Rodeo With Perf. 2 Win At Wcra Cowtown Christmas Championship Rodeo
Courtesy WCRA Rodeo/Bull Stock Media

The WCRA Rodeo is the perfect fit for Tacy Kay Webb, who works as an ICU Nurse. With WCRA Rodeo Major wins at the 2021 Days of ’47 Cowboy Games and Rodeo in Salt Lake City and the Cowtown Christmas Championship in Fort Worth in December, Webb is surfing her way down to Corpus Christi, Texas, to compete at the Rodeo Corpus Christi, held May 11–14, 2022, for a shot at a third WCRA Rodeo breakaway roping title and a chance to become the first-ever $1-million breakaway roper.  

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Kaitlin Gustave: You have a shot at becoming a millionaire. How are you feeling? 

Tacy Kay Webb: To be honest, I’m really excited about it. I haven’t really put too much thought into it since it’s so far away. We’re still in winter and not getting to rope as much. I had my eye surgery in December. I still have stitches in my eye, so I haven’t gotten to correct my vision. I’m trying not to think about it too much. I’m just trying to enjoy where we’re at right now.  

KG: How do you manage to balance being able to rope with your eyesight? 

TKW: It’s definitely different. I remember even after my first surgery, it was so different not being able to see very good. I had to adjust a lot of things. It’s a lot better now after this surgery and I’m hoping that once the stitches come out, we can get it even better. It is different, but I feel like your body adjusts to it—you kind of adjust to it. I’ve gotten to where I can maneuver pretty good with it.  

KG: How have you been practicing for Corpus Christi? 

TKW: I just try to rope the dummy. Thankfully, whenever I’ve needed to practice, I’ve been able to. With work and stuff, this isn’t something that I get to work at every day. I have to make the days that I do work at it really count. I focus on that. I’m hoping that once we get closer to May, we will get to rope some more and get prepared.  

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KG: How great is it that you’ve had a chance to win big with a breakaway rope on the weekends and still be able to do your job? 

TKW: It’s great. Everyone is like, “Oh are you going to make the NFR?” We do need to support it and push it and get it where it needs to be but, at the same time, what’s the point of rodeoing to go rope for $4,000-rounds and spend $10,000 a week. It doesn’t make sense to me. Being able to still have my job, make a good income and go to the WCRAs and have a chance at that big money is outstanding. It gives people that do work for a living a chance at the big money. It’s kind of like sharing the wealth a little bit.  

KG: What is unique is you won both WCRA Rodeo Majors on two different horses. How did you decide which one to ride for those wins, and what will you ride in Corpus Christi? 

TKW: I won Salt Lake City on my good horse, Hondo. Whenever it came down to Cowtown, it was like I didn’t know which horse to ride. I ended up thinking that I needed to give Hondo a break and get him injected. I rode Spooner and it worked out great. I’ve kind of been hanging with him since we’ve been on a roll lately. I don’t know which one I’ll ride. I think it will depend on the setup, the calves. I feel like I can score one horse better than the other, but I also feel like I can be quicker on one horse over the other, so I think it will depend on the setup that week. I’ll for sure have them both with me.  

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KG: How are you feeling with the pressure and spotlight that is on you as we await the event in May?  

TKW: It’s kind of cool, but I have been looking at this the whole time. I’m, of course, very thankful and blessed that the WCRA does this for us. I’ve been very fortunate to win first twice, but even going into the second rodeo I was like, “There’s no way. This is too tough. There are so many girls. There’s so many that rope so great.” Going into Corpus (Christi), I feel like if I change my mindset, I feel like it’s impossible to change your mindset. I can get kicked in the butt every day of the week by a different girl. I feel like it’s a great opportunity, but I feel like it’s not going to be a piece of cake, by no means. I’m trying to stay open-minded about it. If it’s my turn, then it was in God’s plan and, if it wasn’t, then it is going to be tough.  

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