Guy’s Cheyenne Frontier Days Tie-Down Buckle

Guy wears Trevor Brazile's Cheyenne tie-down roping buckle.


Women’s Professional Rodeo Association All-Around Champ Lari Dee Guy has been like a sister to 25-time PRCA World Champion Trevor Brazile since their American Junior Rodeo Association days.

“If I was kicking a can around, he’d need to come kick that can around, too,” Guy said. “He always liked my horses, wanted to play with my ropes, just tagged along everywhere at the junior rodeos.”

Guy, a few years Brazile’s senior, would go on to help Brazile make some of the horses that defined his career, so when she told him she’d always wanted a Cheyenne Frontier Days buckle, he told her to help herself.

“You’d have to really know our relationship,” Brazile said. “When she told me she wanted one, I just told her to pick.”

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Brazile won Cheyenne in 2014 on a horse called Peanut, a former breakaway horse that Guy had helped turn into a calf horse. So, naturally, she chose his 2014 Cheyenne Frontier Days Champion Tie-Down Roper buckle.

“They’re just a cool, old-school-looking buckle,” Guy said.

That buckle might just prove to be lucky, too, because Guy won $80,000 at the World Series of Team Roping Finale IX in the #12 while sporting it. BRJ