Kelsie Chase, originally from Cherokee, Oklahoma, and now resides in Dublin, Texas, is in the hunt to qualify for her first National Finals of Breakaway Roping after missing the first-ever finals in 2020. 

Chace, an eight-time WPRA world champion—two tie-down roping titles, three breakaway roping titles and three all-around titles—talked to the host of The Team Roping Journal's hit podcast "The Score", Chelsea Shaffer, before teaching a breakaway roping clinic at NRS for Smarty.

Chace shares insights on why she came up short of making the NFBR in 2020, her career and rodeo plans for the year, horsepower, what she is working on in the breakaway roping and how her team roping career has slowed down since the explosion of breakaway roping. 

Listen to Kelsie Chace's bonus episode on "The Score", brought to you by Durango Boot here.