My 2023 is All About Discipline

Jackie Crawford is making 2023 all about discipline—in practice, in health, in time-management and in her relationships.

Bracket 4 Is Underway: Fwssr Breakaway Roping Tracker
Jackie Crawford is Wild Card Round after winning the second round of Bracket 6 in Fort Worth. FWSSR photo by James Phifer.

Discipline is something that looks different in each person’s life.

Sometimes, tough love is what you need to give yourself. Putting boundaries and structure in place in your life can bring comfort to some people, and crippling anxiety to others.

For me, I needed to buckle down and figure out the problem after I didn’t accomplish my goals in 2022. “I’m too busy,” isn’t going to cut it for me, personally. Roping is my career and also my passion, which can be a hard line to walk while making enough time for my family.

But here’s some ways that I plan to discipline myself in 2023.

In Practice

I want to be more disciplined about my practice sessions. This means not wasting time on endless reps without a specific goal in mind each time I back in the box. I want my practices to be more concentrated. Every day, my goal is to be 1% better this year, and I need my practices to follow that plan.

In Health

I turned 40 this year, and I can tell a difference in my overall strength. It’s time for me to buckle down with my workouts and my nutrition plans to make sure that I’m giving my body the best chance to perform. The rodeo trail can be grueling enough, but I am confident staying fit and consistent with my efforts will give me back some of the edge I feel that I lacked in 2022.

By the way, this doesn’t have to look like throwing weights around in the gym every day. For me, simple exercises and working on rehabbing my knee were the first steps, and it’s the consistency that counts.

With My Time

This one is a non-negotiable. I need to be more intentional about my time and set boundaries to ensure that I’m giving myself realistic times to do things like spend time with family, work on my craft and maybe even take five minutes to myself.

With My Inner Circle

When things get hard, your inner circle is who’s around to catch you. I have one of the best teams behind me and I want to be sure I’m filling my time with those great people in my life and staying committed to being in their corner as much as they’re in mine.

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