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The Sure Shot: Sawyer Gilbert’s ‘one-more-swing’ Strategy
The Sure Shot: Sawyer Gilbert’s ‘One-More-Swing’ Strategy
Taking an extra swing can sometimes be safetying up a hair too much. But for Sawyer Gilbert, that extra...
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Gold Buckle Dreams: World Champion Sawyer Gilbert
Sawyer Gilbert joins "The Breakaway Breakdown" host Kaitlin Gustave for a special interview moments after...
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Dream Come True: Gilbert Crowned 2021 World Champion and Average Champion Breakaway Roper in Las Vegas
Sawyer Gilbert maxed out at the 2021 National Finals of Breakaway Roper and won both the World Championship...
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WPRA World Champion Breakaway Ropers: 1974–2020
Introducing: Jackie Crawford's Elevate Blog
In the coming months, Jackie Crawford will share roping insights, horse training methods and mental strategy...
Breakaway Benefactor: 18-Time WPRA World Champion JJ Hampton
In this 10-part series, Julie Mankin profiles the unsung heroes of breakaway roping.