Martha and Sarah Angelone Share Top Ground Drills

World champions Martha and Sarah Angelone share their top drills for improving your breakaway roping from the ground level.

Martha and Sarah Angelone practicing breakaway roping drills
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Ever wondered what ground drills world champions work on to improve their breakaway roping? got down in the dirt with 2022 WPRA Breakaway Roping World Champion Martha Angelone and WPRA All-around World Champion Sarah Angelone to learn the drills and tools that level up their roping.

Setting up Practice and Competition Ropes

Martha And Sarah Angelone’s Ground Drills
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Martha Angelone gives viewers a peek inside her roping bag. She shares what her must-have tools are. Angelone explains how she sets up her competition ropes, including how she cuts and ties the end of her rope to break away safely and quickly. She also describes how she sets up her practice ropes with a breakaway honda to practice realistically. 

Learning Correct Body Position on the Ground

Martha And Sarah Angelone’s Ground Drills
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Not only is the position that you rope from on the dummy important, your core and arm positioning has effects on your loop. Martha Angelone shares a simple drill to help train your body to stay in good position through your throw when roping the dummy on the ground and explains how it can carry over to roping live cattle.

Practicing Roping on the Gain and Catching Tricky Calves

Martha And Sarah Angelone’s Ground Drills
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Sarah Angelone shares how she practices roping on the gain from the ground. Martha breaks down how she and Sarah’s delivery style helps both ladies reach and catch close cattle, and Sarah demonstrates drills to help keep an open, even loop when calves move left or right during a run.

Learning How to React During a Run

Martha And Sarah Angelone’s Ground Drills
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This simple drill is perfect for beginners or younger ropers to learn how to react quickly while breakaway roping. Martha and Sarah Angelone originally learned this game at a Joe Beaver Clinic and have used it throughout the years to train themselves to be prepared for any situation that could arise during a run.

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