Winning with Williams
The Sports and Horses That MADE Hali Williams on The Breakdown Podcast

Many ingredients go into creating an NFBR-level roper; find out what made Hali Williams on The Breakdown Podcast.

Hali Williams has been a roping sensation ever since she backed into the box. Now, hear what went into making her the elite roper she is on The Breakdown Podcast. Photo by Andersen C Bar C

Hali Williams sits down on The Breakdown Podcast to discuss her youth sports career and roping horses that made her the roper she is today.

Williams has grown from formidable youth to NFBR-qualifying talent, qualifying for her first NFBR in 2023 after jumping to a massive early lead in the ProRodeo standings, eventually finishing No. 2 with more than $159,000 earned.

So what were the ingredients that made her 2023 season—although not without rocky parts—such a success? Williams covers the importance of childhood sports on the physical strength of young ropers, how she learned to problem-solve on the fly, how she built her ProRodeo schedule, keep her good horses working and what 2024 holds for her.

Hali Williams on The Breakdown Podcast:

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