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2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot Wows with Payouts: Full Breakaway Roping Results

Get full results from The Patriot Breakaway Roping in Fort Worth, March 4-9, 2024, plus tune in to the livestream on

Haiden Thompson put on a clinic at the 2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot 19 & Under Breakaway Semifinals.
Haiden Thompson put on a clinic at the 2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot 19 & Under Breakaway Semifinals. Photo by Andersen C Bar C

The Patriot Breakaway Roping kicked off Monday, March 4, 2024, and runs through Saturday, March 9, live from the Watt Arena in Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Watch LIVE: The Patriot Breakaway Roping is on

For the full schedule of The Patriot Breakaway Roping, click HERE.

Patriot Breakaway Roping Results:

Monday, March 4

Braylee Shepherd won the 2024 Hooey Junior Patriot 19 & Under Breakaway Jackpot for the second year in a row. | Photo by Andersen C Bar C

19 and Under Breakaway Jackpot

Round 1
1Lauren Barton2.25$1,931
2Addison Kinser2.43$1,679
3Baylee Barker2.47$1,427
4Kat-lyn Hooper2.48$1,175
5Preslea Davney2.51$923
6Alli Autrey2.55$671
7Chancey Wright2.58$293
8Jolee Alvey2.58$293
Round 2
1Sage Webster1.83$1,931
2Jordan Doldine2.02$1,679
3MaryBeth Beam2.09$1,427
4Whitlee Way2.21$1,175
5Hannah Bass2.24$923
6Annslee Gose2.26$671
7Sadie Prather2.3$419
8Adisyn Henderson2.37$167
Short go
1Braylee Shepherd2.42$1,493
2Reese Jacobs2.53$1,119
3Sydnie Romero2.59$749
4Corlee Massey3.01$373
1Braylee Shepherd7.93$3,863
2Reese Jacobs7.94$3,359
3Corlee Massey8.18$2,855
4Sydnie Romero9.17$2,351
5Addison Kinser17.77$1,847
6Kayla Peters18.77$1,343
7Jordan Lyles18.79$839
8Jancey Harris19.03$335

19 and Under Hooey Jr Patriot Side Pot

Place1st rd2nd rdShort goAvg
1Braylee Shepherd2.712.82.427.93
2Corlee Massey2.72.473.018.18
3Jordan Lyles3.113.1512.5318.79
4Makayla Osborne2.812.485.29
5Sadie Prather32.35.3
6Kensley Mudge3.12.455.55
7Chancey Wright2.584.467.04
8Remi Wells3.733.367.09
9Oralee Madison3.613.727.33
10Whitlee way12.072.2114.28

15 and Under Breakaway Jackpot

Arina Dee Haugen was undeniable in the 15 & Under Breakaway Jackpot. Photo by Andersen C Bar C.
Round 1
1Arina Dee Haugen2.36$1,141
2Audrey Thibodeaux2.39$945
3Braylee Bourdet2.47$748
4Ally Ernest2.5$551
5Leddy Lattner2.63$354
6Molly Davis2.69$196
Round 2
1Ellie Boyd2.18$1,141
2Hadlie Olson2.22$945
3Campbell Pegues2.39$748
4Anistyn Abel2.52$551
5Kensley Mudge2.58$354
6Bently Becker2.7$196
Short go
1Arina Dee Haugen2.29$612
2Addi Carney2.29$612
3Avery Savoi2.46$350
4Corlee Massey2.79$175
1Arina Dee Haugen7.59$2,283
2Avery Savoi8.58$1,890
3Kensley Mudge8.79$1,496
4Braylee Bourdet9.31$1,102
5Addi Carney9.92$708
6Corlee Massey10.29$393

15 and Under Hooey Jr Patriot Side Pot

1Braydee Bourdet9.31
2Corlee Massey10.29
3Rosie Pratt10.72
4Stoney Decker6.17 on 2
5Bella Starr Morrison7.88 on 2
6Elly Lout9.73 on 2
7Campbell Pegues14.63 on 2
8Audrey Thibodeaux14.67 on 2
9Turner Tinney17.66 on 2
10Rylee Anderson24.49 on 2

Tuesday, March 5

12 and Under Breakaway Jackpot

Photo by Andersen C Bar C
Round 1
1Colton Charleston2.33$921
2Rosie Pratt2.59$691
3Braxton Hall2.65$460
4Griffin Preissinger2.66$230
Round 2
1Presley Jacobs2.4$921
2Colton Charleston2.51$691
3Kaden Wyatt2.55$460
4Cain Martin2.58$230
Short round
1Kaden Wyatt1.98$511
2Cutter Enlow2.4$307
3Haustin Hall2.44$204
1Colton Charleston7.32$1,842
2Cutter Enlow8.52$1,382
3Emitt Bourdet8.63$921
4Tuftin Becker8.75$460

12 and Under Hooey Jr Patriot Side Pot

1Emitt Bourdet8.63
2Remy Wilhite8.87
3Haustin Hale9.47
4Kaden Wyatt16.86
5Jackson Ashton18.2
6Charlie sohrt18.32
7Harrel Williams JR5.72 on 2
8Tyce Spiva15.84 on 2
9Presley Jacobs2.4 on 1
10Cain Martin2.58 on 1

Wednesday, March 6

Colee Cox pocked more than $7,700 with her Hooey Jr. Patriot 15 & Under Breakaway Semifinals win.
Colee Cox pocked more than $7,700 with her Hooey Jr. Patriot 15 & Under Breakaway Semifinals win. Photo by Andersen C Bar C

15 and Under Breakaway Semifinals

1Johnnie Rose Bray2.06
2Rebecca Cox2.09
3Colee Cox B2.12
4Molly Davis A2.12
5Annslee Gose A2.14
6Rylie Edens B2.16
1Colee Cox B2.1
2Annslee Gose B2.13
3Rylie Edens B2.19
4Kate Reynolds B2.2
5Rebecca Cox2.27
6Emmry Edwards B2.43
1Colee Cox B4.22
2Rylie Edens B4.35
3Rebecca Cox4.36
4Annslee Gose B4.37
5Kate Reynolds B4.37
6Emmry Edwards B4.63

Thursday, March 7

19 and Under Breakaway Semifinals

Haiden Thompson smiles after a successful run in the 2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot 19 & Under Semifinals. Photo by Andersen C Bar C
1Haiden Thompson A1.86$4,500.00
2Kaylie Garza A1.9$4,000.00
3Haiden Thompson B1.91$3,500.00
4Mattie Waite B1.94$3,000.00
5Adisyn Henderson B1.98$2,500.00
6Ryleigh Parker B1.99$1,750.00
7Kate Eiland B1.99$1,750.00
8Avery Landry A2$1,000.00
1Haiden Thompson A1.75$4,500.00
2Haiden Thompson B1.79$4,000.00
3Mattie Waite B2.05$3,500.00
4Colee Cox B2.17$3,000.00
5Chancey Wright2.18$2,500.00
6Harley Pryor A2.2$2,000.00
7Courtney Carbajal A2.24$1,500.00
8Krysta Theriot B2.27$1,000.00
1Haiden Thompson A3.61$4,500.00
2Haiden Thompson B3.7$4,000.00
3Mattie Waite B3.99$3,500.00
4Harley Pryor A4.24$3,000.00
5Colee Cox B4.28$2,250.00
6Chancey Wright4.28$2,250.00
7Krysta Theriot B4.43$1,500.00
8Kaydence Tindall B4.48$1,000.00

Friday, March 8

12 and Under Breakaway Semifinals

Kaden Wyatt topped the 2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot 12 & Under Breakaway Semifinals. Photo by Andersen C Bar C
1Kaden Wyatt B1.87$2,500.00
2Griffin Preissinger A1.9$2,000.00
3Slade Butts B2$1,500.00
4Jeffery Hayes A2.15$1,000.00
5Stockton Cribbs A2.15$500.00
1Kaden Wyatt B2.04$2,500.00
2Cash Friesenhahn A2.1$2,000.00
3Chase Johnson A2.24$1,500.00
4Bronc Evans A2.4$1,000.00
5Griffin Preissinger A2.42$500.00
1Kaden Wyatt B3.91$2,500.00
2Griffin Preissinger A4.32$2,000.00
3Cash Friesenhahn A4.53$1,500.00
4Chase Johnson A4.6$1,000.00
5Jeffery Hayes A4.61$500.00

Saturday, March 9

Open Breakaway

Colee Cox outlasted the other 99 entries in the 2024 Patriot Open Breakaway. Photo by Andersen CBarC

Sunday, March 10

Patriot Short go

12 and Under Breakaway Finals

Cash Friesenhahn pulled checks in both the breakaway and tie-down at the 2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot. Photo by Andersen CBarC
1Cash Friesenhahn1.94$20,000
2Stockton Cribbs2.1$13,000
3Bronc Evans2.35$9,000
4Chase Thompson2.62$6,000
5Slone Fleckinger12.39$4,000
6Presley Jacobs12.53$2,585

15 and Under Breakaway Finals

Kate Reynolds edged out No. 2 in the 15 & Under Breakaway Roping by 0.03 of a second. Photo by Andersen CBarC
1Kate Reynolds2.21$30,000
2Annslee Gose2.24$20,000
3Rebecca Cox2.49$12,500
4Colee Cox2.58$8,000
5Emmry Edwards2.66$6,000
6Kynder Florea2.97$4,010

19 and Under Breakaway Finals

Haiden Thompson finished off a $75,000 week at the 2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot with a win in the 19 & Under Breakaway Roping. Photo by Andersen CBarC
1Haiden Thompson2.03$50,000
2Harley Pryor2.12$35,000
3Chancey Wright2.35$20,000
4Kaydence Tindall2.74$15,000
5Courtney Carbajal3.2$12,000
6Adisyn Henderson3.44$10,000
7Brooke Crenshaw12.22$7,000
8Kaelin Hegarty12.32$4,500
9Jymie Adamson12.47$2,500
10Brooke Bruner12.6$2,150


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