From Twisted X—the makers of the West’s most ubiquitously worn driving mocs–comes Black Star Boots: the answer to our outside-the-breakaway-arena, fashionable-and-functional, cowgirl footwear dreams.

2020 has been a year of immense challenges (ugh, Covid) and monumental accomplishments (we see you, Jackie Crawford!). Fittingly in step with the theme of bridging divides, Twisted X‘s new Black Star Boots conquers the divide between luxury and comfort.

From the studded and harnessed kick-2020’s-butt-to-the-curb-boot, the Levelland, to the please-let-2021-be-breezy-like-Sunday-morning bohemian Wimberly boot, or the fun and flirty shorty, the Terlingua, wearers of Black Stars can rest assured these boots check all their outside-the-breakaway-arena boxes.

Go to to check out their 11 deluxe designs, featuring supple leathers, detailed underlays, hardware and intricate stitching and embroidery.

MSRP: $265–$435

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