Breakaway ropers, get your own bag!
Rattler Rope Unveils New Breakaway Rope Bag

Rattler Rope has announced the release of a breakaway rope bag designed specifically for breakaway roper's tools of the trade.

Rattler Rope has released a new bag design for breakaway ropers. Product photos courtesy Rattler Rope.

Breakaway ropers, you’ve settled long enough. Cramped cans have left your ropes in less-than-ideal shape and lack space for any of the necessary roping accessories. Rattler Rope is now offering its first-ever rope bag designed specifically for your event, your ropes, and your needs.

The Rattler Rope Breakaway Rope Bag is designed to store and maintain your breakaway ropes so they lay better and are ready to go when you need them—kink-free.

It holds up to four ropes, and the nearly 360-degree zipper allows easy access to the tools of your trade.

The bag’s top handle clips to a fence rail, trailer, or wherever you might need it, and you can carry it with a standard shoulder strap or use adjustable backpack straps. It’s fully customizable to your needs.

            “The Breakaway Bag is the new age of the rope can! They keep your ropes feeling great with lots of body and with the backpack design it’s so much easier to carry!” – Jackie Crawford

To top it off, the Rattler Breakaway Rope Bag has places to stow items that can get lost in the depths of a rope can. It has both interior and exterior pockets to accommodate breakaway strings, powder, your phone, sunscreen, lip gloss, and more.

Find your Rattler Rope Breakaway Bag at, or visit the site to find the dealer nearest you. Be sure to follow Rattler Rope on social media to keep up with all the latest in breakaway roping.

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