Natural Fleece: 5 Star Pads’ 100% Natural Wool Fleece Saddle Pad

5 Star's 100% Natural Wool Fleece saddle pad.


5 Star

[100% Natural Wool Fleece]

5 Star Pads' 100% Natural Wool Fleece Saddle Pad, $277 and up

5 Star is offering 100% all-natural wool fleece that provides an additional thermal balance layer to help wick away heat as an add-on to their 100% pure wool saddle pads. The Fleece can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture and has naturally better breathability and flexibility than synthetic products. The all-natural fleece is super soft and eliminates any itch, especially in sensitive horses. 5 Star’s fleece naturally rejects bacteria in moisture, is odor resistant and anti-microbial, and is also easy to clean and durable.

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