Where is T-Boy?

Jackie Crawford's T-Boy defined her career for a decade. What's T-Boy's life like now? And what were some of T-Boy's biggest wins?

When I got home for a few days this summer, I saw T-Boy trot across the pasture sound, and dang if that isn’t the most tempting thing to see.

T-Boy Jackie Crawford Horse in Pasture
T-Boy at home in the pasture. | Jackie Crawford Photo

He’s the same old dude. They took off running, and I got to thinking, ‘Hey he looks pretty good.’ I sent him to the vet, and I’m going to watch. I don’t plan on riding him anymore, but if I look up one day, and he’s sound as a dollar… I don’t know that I’m above giving him another go. He had a tear in his deep flexor tendon in his front left, and he started to have a little soreness in his stifle that needed injected. 

T-Boy owes me absolutely nothing, and he built my career. I owe him his rest, but he’s a winner, and like so many great horses that were great like him, rest isn’t his most favorite activity. That said, I’m staying off him. He’s shown me—over more than a decade—what a great horse feels like. And I’m starting to feel that in Kevin and Mary, and for T-Boy’s lessons I’m ever grateful.

T-Boy’s Pedigree

When I lived with Lari Dee Guy in Abilene, Texas, Zans Diamond Shine’s owner sent the stud to the ladies to ride and for Trevor Brazile to show. Eventually, he sent some of the stud’s colts to us, too, and T-Boy was one of them. We rode him for a little while, and he kind of sucked. Then one day he finally got it all together. He just wasn’t the easiest horse in the world. Stopping wasn’t easy for him and he was a bit of a challenge. There was something about him, though, that I knew he’d be a winner.

Crawford and T-Boy’s Big Moments

Round 1 2020 NFBR

2020 World Championship

Windy City Roundup