2022 National Finals Breakaway Roping Results & OFFICIAL World Standings

See the full results, average and world standings.

2022 National Finals Breakaway Roping Results & Projected World Standings
Cadee Williams ropes all 10 calves for a time of 31.9 seconds, winning the average championship at the 2022 National Finals Breakaway Roping. Jamie Arviso Photo

That’s a wrap on the 2022 Wrangler National Finals Breakaway Roping!

After two days and 10 go-rounds, Cadee Williams won the average championship by roping all 10 calves in 39.10 seconds, while Martha Angelone won the world championship after dominating the season and delivering a strong NFBR performance.

See the full results from the event, held Nov. 29–30, round-by-round, the average and world standings below:

Round 1:

Taylor Munsell2.31$5,080.08
Shelby Boisjoli2.62$4,204.20
Erin Johnson2.83$3,328.33
Cadee Williams2.94$2,452.45
Jordi Edens3.05$1,576.58
Beau Peterson3.16$875.88

Round 2:

Samantha Fulton2.01$5,080.08
Taylor Munsell2.22/3/4/5$2,890.39
Shelby Boisjoli2.22/3/4/5$2,890.39
Josie Conner2.22/3/4/5$2,890.39
Martha Angelone2.22/3/4/5$2,890.39
Joey Williams2.36$875.88

Round 3:

Samantha FultonMiller, SD2.11$5,080.08
Shelby BoisjoliStephenville, TX2.22$4,204.20
Rickie EngesserSpearfish, SD2.33/4$2,890.39
Lari Dee GuyAbilene, TX2.33/4$2,890.39
Joey WilliamsVolborg, MT2.45$1,576.58
Cheyanne GuilloryKingston, OK2.56$875.88

Round 4:

Cheyanne Guillory2.01$5,080.08
Joey Williams2.12$4,204.20
Josie Conner2.33/4/5$2,452.45
JJ Hampton2.33/4/5$2,452.45
Beau Peterson2.33/4/5$2,452.45
Taylor Munsell2.46/7$437.94
Martha Angelone2.46/7$437.94

Round 5:

Rickie Engesser2.11$5,080.08
Jordi Edens2.22/3$3,766.26
Shelby Boisjoli2.22/3$3,766.26
Cadee Williams2.44$2,452.45
Lari Dee Guy2.65/6$1,226.23
Josie Conner2.65/6$1,226.23

Boisjoli Proves Dominant on 5 Head at NFBR, Angelone Hangs Onto Standings Lead

Round 6:

Taylor Munsell2.11$5,080.08
Erin Johnson2.42$4,204.20
Cheyanne Guillory2.53$3,328.33
Lari Dee Guy2.84$2,452.45
Beau Peterson2.95$1,576.58
Cadee Williams3.46$875.88

Round 7:

Joey Williams1.91$5,080.08
Martha Angelone2.22$4,204.20
Shelby Boisjoli2.33/4$2,890.39
Erin Johnson2.33/4$2,890.39
Cheyanne Guillory2.55$1,576.58
Taylor Hanchey2.86$875.88

Round 8:

Martha Angelone1.81$5,080.08
Samantha Fulton1.92$4,204.20
Cheyanne Guillory2.03$3,328.33
Jordi Edens2.14/5$2,015.51
Taylor Munsell2.14/5$2,015.51
Rickie Engesser2.26/6$1,576.58
Taylor Hanchey2.26/6$437.94

Round 9:

Martha Angelone2.11/2$4,642.14
Taylor Hanchey2.11/2$4,642.14
JJ Hampton2.23$3,328.33
Cheyanne Guillory2.44$2,452.45
Rickie Engesser2.95/6$1,226.23
Lari Dee Guy2.95/6$1,226.23

Round 10:

JJ Hampton2.21/2$4,642.14
Taylor Munsell2.22/2$4,642.14
Rickie Engesser2.33$3,328.33
Martha Angelone2.44$2,452.45
Josie Conner2.85$1,576.58
Beau Peterson3.06$875.88


NameAggregate TimePlaceEarnings
Cadee Williams31.9/101$13,866.13
Lari Dee Guy40.1/102$11,249.88
Cheyanne Guillory132.9/93$8,895.25
Beau Peterson136.3/94$6,540.63
Erin Johnson143.4/95$4,709.25
Joey Williams150.5/96$3,401.13
Josie Conner151.7/97$2,354.63
Taylor Munsell219.9/88$1,308.13

Official 2022 Breakaway Roping World Standings:

RankNameTotal WPRA Earnings
1Martha Angelone$130,303.91
2Taylor Munsell$90,844.53
3Erin Johnson$88,719.77
4Lari Dee Guy$88,584.52
5Shelby Boisjoli$83,807.59
6Cheyanne Guillory$83,785.99
7Joey Williams$80,315.85
8Cadee Williams$75,319.21
9Rickie Engesser$73,324.80
10Jordi Edens$73,101.86
11Taylor Hanchey$72,977.29
12Beau Peterson$69,907.15
13JJ Hampton$66,920.29
14Samantha Fulton$65,167.68
15Josie Conner$61,233.13