2023 National Finals Breakaway Roping Results

Each of the 10 Round wins went to just six ladies at the 2023 NFBR.

Cheyanne McCartney split the win in Round 2 at the 2023 NFBR with a time of 2.1 seconds, tying with Shelby Boisjoli and Hali Williams.
Cheyanne McCartney split the win in Round 2 at the 2023 NFBR with a time of 2.1 seconds, tying with Shelby Boisjoli and Hali Williams. Photo by Jamie Arviso

The 2023 NFBR results are finalized—the 10 rounds boasting intense competition as the Top 15 competitors jostled for position.

No. 1 (and eventual world champion) Shelby Boisjoli won two go-rounds on day one to get the momentum rolling for the remainder of the event.

Hali Williams and Taylor Munsell also had stellar day one performances—each with two go-round wins of their own. Cheyanne McCartney took a round win, too, before continuing with a consistent performance on day two that led her to winning the average.

Day two of competition turned into the Sarah Angelone and Danielle Lowman show—the pair winning two and three go-rounds respectively.

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Round 1

1Taylor Munsell2.0$5,080.08
2Martha Angelone2.3$3,766.27
2Shelby Boisjoli2.3$3,766.27
4Danielle Lowman2.5$2,452.45
5Cheyanne McCartney2.6$1,576.58
6Kendal Pierson2.8$437.94
6Kelsie Domer2.8$437.94
8Sarah Angelone3.3
9Jackie Crawford3.4
10Bradi Good12.4
11Erin Johnsonno time
12Josie Connerno time
13Rickie Fanningno time
14Joey Williamsno time
15Hali Williamsno time

Round 2

1Cheyanne McCartney2.1$4,204.20
1Hali Williams2.1$4,204.20
1Shelby Boisjoli2.1$4,204.20
4Jackie Crawford2.2$2,452.45
5Rickie Fanning2.7$1,576.58
6Bradi Good2.8$437.94
6Kelsie Domer2.8$437.94
8Danielle Lowman2.9
9Taylor Munsell3.1
10Martha Angelone3.3
11Kendal Pierson12.2
12Josie Conner12.3
13Joey Williamsno time
14Sarah Angeloneno time
15Erin Johnsonno time

Round 3

1Taylor Munsell2.0 $  5,080.08
2Bradi Good2.1 $  3,328.33
2Joey Williams2.1 $  3,328.33
2Sarah Angelone2.1 $  3,328.33
5Kelsie Domer2.2 $  1,576.58
6Josie Conner2.3 $  875.88
7Erin Johnson2.4
8Cheyanne McCartney2.6
9Hali Williams2.6
10Danielle Lowman3.4
11Jackie Crawford3.5
12Martha Angelone12
13Rickie Fanning12.1
14Shelby Boisjolino time
15Kendal Piersonno time

Round 4

1Hali Williams1.9 $  5,080.08
2Kelsie Domer2.1 $  3,328.33
2Sarah Angelone2.1 $  3,328.33
2Shelby Boisjoli2.1 $  3,328.33
5Martha Angelone2.2 $  1,576.58
6Cheyanne McCartney2.9 $      291.96
6Taylor Munsell2.9 $      291.96
6Jackie Crawford2.9 $      291.96
9Josie Conner3.5
10Rickie Fanning3.6
11Bradi Goodno time
12Joey Williamsno time
13Erin Johnsonno time
14Kendal Piersonno time
15Danielle Lowmanno time

Round 5

1Shelby Boisjoli2.0 $  5,080.08
2Josie Conner2.2 $  4,204.20
3Martha Angelone2.8 $  3,328.33
4Kendal Pierson2.9 $  2,452.45
5Taylor Munsell12 $  1,576.58
6Rickie Fanning12.2 $  437.94
6Cheyanne McCartney12.2 $  437.94
8Joey Williamsno time
9Kelsie Domerno time
10Sarah Angeloneno time
11Hali Williamsno time
12Erin Johnsonno time
13Danielle Lowmanno time
14Jackie Crawfordno time
15Bradi Goodno time

Round 6

1Sarah Angelone1.9$5,080.08
2Erin Johnson2.1$4,204.2
3Kelsie Domer2.2$3,328.33
3Shelby Boisjoli2.2$2,452.45
3Bradi Good2.2$1,576.58
6Kendal Pierson3$875.88
6Cheyanne McCartney3
8Joey Williams3.2
9Martha Angeloneno time
10Hali Williamsno time
11Josie Connerno time
12Rickie Fanningno time
13Danielle Lowmanno time
14Jackie Crawfordno time
15Taylor Munsellno time

Round 7

1Danielle Lowman1.9 $  5,080.08
2Taylor Munsell2.1 $  4,204.20
3Kendal Pierson2.2 $  3,328.33
4Bradi Good2.4 $  2,452.45
5Shelby Boisjoli2.6 $  1,576.58
6Martha Angelone2.7 $   875.88
6Josie Conner2.7
6Sarah Angelone2.7
9Erin Johnson3.1
10Rickie Fanning12.1
11Jackie Crawford12.1
12Kelsie Domer12.2
13Hali Williamsno time
14Cheyanne McCartneyno time
15Joey Williamsno time

Round 8

1Danielle Lowman1.7 $  5,080.08
2Martha Angelone1.9 $  4,204.20
3Kendal Pierson2 $  3,328.33
3Bradi Good2 $  2,452.45
3Sarah Angelone2 $  1,576.58
6Kelsie Domer2.1 $   875.88
7Shelby Boisjoli2.2
8Rickie Fanning2.3
8Cheyanne McCartney2.3
10Erin Johnson2.4
11Jackie Crawford3
12Josie Connerno time
13Taylor Munsellno time
14Joey Williamsno time
15Hali Williamsno time

Round 9

1Danielle Lowman1.7 $  5,080.08
2Josie Conner2.1 $  4,204.20
3Cheyanne McCartney2.1 $  3,328.33
4Joey Williams2.3 $  2,452.45
4Hali Williams2.3 $  1,576.58
6Taylor Munsell2.7 $   875.88
7Kelsie Domer3.2
8Sarah Angelone12.1
9Rickie Fanningno time
10Kendal Piersonno time
11Jackie Crawfordno time
12Martha Angeloneno time
13Shelby Boisjolino time
14Erin Johnsonno time
15Bradi Goodno time

Round 10

1Sarah Angelone1.7$5,080
2Erin Johnson2.1$3,766
2Joey Williams2.1$3,766
4Kendal Pierson2.2$2,015
4Taylor Munsell2.2$2,015
6Bradi Good2.3$876
7Jackie Crawford2.4
7Cheyanne McCartney2.4
9Josie Conner11.9
10Rickie Fanning12
11Shelby Boisjoli12.1
12Martha Angeloneno time
13Danielle Lowmanno time
14Hali Williamsno time
15Kelsie Domerno time

Average results

PlaceAthleteTime/head caughtMoney
1Cheyanne McCartney32.2/9$13,866
2Bradi Good26.2/8$11,249
3Shelby Boisjoli27.6/8$8,895
4Sarah Angelone27.9/8$6,540
5Kelsie Domer29.6/8$4,709
6Taylor Munsell26.8/7$3,401
7Martha Angelone27.2/7$2,354
8Kendal Pierson27.3/7$1,308

Final 2023 breakaway world standings

1Shelby Boisjoli $197,706
2Hali Williams $159,541
3Martha Angelone $149,887
4Sarah Angelone $144,241
5Taylor Munsell $135,621
6Kelsie Domer $127,600
7Joey Williams $119,964
8Bradi Good $112,178
9Cheyanne McCartney $111,784
10Danielle Lowman $102,009
11Kendal Pierson $93,963
12Jackie Crawford $89,484
13Josie Conner $85,402
14Rickie Fanning $82,996
15Erin Johnson $76,213
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