Cassidy Boggs and Bet Hes Classified Win First-Ever Riata Buckle Breakaway Futurity & Open

Cassidy Boggs swept the first-ever Riata Buckle Breakaway Futurity and Open, worth $13,575 for her and horse's sire and breeders.

Cassidy Boggs And Bet Hes Classified Win First-ever Riata Buckle Breakaway Futurity
Cassidy Boggs and Bet Hes Classified | Andersen CBarC Photography

Cassidy Boggs and her 5-year-old gelding Bet Hes Classified won the first-ever Riata Buckle Breakaway Futurity at the Lazy E Arena Nov. 3, 2022, with a time of 6.24 worth $3,280.

Winning the First-Ever Riata Buckle Futurity

Boggs rolled that time to the Open, winning that roping, too, worth $5,880.

Boggs and Bet Hes Classified, by Bet Hesa Cat out of Classified Dualin by Dualin Jewels, also won second in each go-round of the futurity with identical 3.12-second times for another $1,500. The horse is owned by Sterling Smith, and is bred by GHC Land & Cattle Company. Owners of Bet Hesa Cat earned $410 for the futurity win and $735 for the Open win, while GCH Land & Cattle won another $410 and $735. Boggs split third and fourth in the first round of the Open, worth $625.

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Payout for The 2022 Riata Buckle Breakaway Futurity

The 2D futurity paid three holes in each division in each round, plus four in the average, as well as the breeders and stallion owners of each average-place winner for a total payout of $25,000. The Open was a #D, with $75,000 in added money. It paid five in the average, plus those stallions and breeders, and it paid four in each of the two goes.

Bet Hes Classified

“He was eligible, and I head a lot on him, but I knew he was ready to do something like this,” Boggs said. “He has been quite a few places, so he’s not as green. He scores, and he’s easy to catch on.”

The horse came from cutters Chris and Sunny Bates.

Cassidy Boggs And Bet Hes Classified Win First-ever Riata Buckle Breakaway Futurity & Open

“They’re just some friends—I actually gave their niece some breakaway lessons,” Boggs explained. “I’ve bought two horses from them now. One is headed to the NFBR and this one, well… they’ve just been great horses. Chris knows what I like, and he’ll call me and say I have this horse and you’re going to like him, and he’s been two for two. They tried to cut on him, but he’s kind of overgrown for that. He must not have been very good if they let me have him.”

Boggs, 31, of Stephenville, Texas, is a 5.5 header—and winner of the 2022 Windy Ryon Memorial Ladies Roping with Rylie Smith—so most of the horse’s time outside of the cutting pen has been in the heading.

“He was so broke, but he was very scared of ropes,” Boggs said. “He took everything so good. I don’t know if that’s just bred in him, but the better they’re broke, they take everything better. They don’t get excited. He was broke and he was a big stout horse.”

Giving the Riata Buckle A Go

Boggs didn’t know about the Riata Buckle until a few weeks ago. But when she saw it on the Next Gen app and realized she had a horse eligible, she decided against the amateur rodeo she was planning to enter and instead put his name down in Guthrie.

“I don’t stay on top of things like I should,” Boggs said, laughing. “But I’m glad I saw it when I did.”

The Riata Buckle continues Nov. 3-6 from the Lazy E with team roping, and will stream live on and

Riata Buckle Open Full Results

16.24Cassidy Boggs$5,880 
26.57Taylor Hanchey$4,200
36.73Cheyanne Guillory$3,192
46.78Abigayle Williams$2,352
57.08Kimberlyn Fitch$1,176
1Bet Hesa Cat$735 
2High Brow Cat$525
3Shiners Voodoo DR$399
4High Brow Cat$294
5Catty Rey$147
1GCH Land & Cattle Co$735 
2Fal Ranch Inc$525
3Russ Mothershead$399
4Cox Trinity Equine LLC$294
5Ignacio Zubillaga$147
17.37Shelby Boisjoli$8,400
27.71Shelby Boisjoli$5,040
37.79Bryana Lehrmann$3,360
4 No Other Qualified Times$0
5 No Other Qualified Times$0
1Hickory Holly Time$1,050 
2Mr Playinstylish$630
3Woody Be Tuff$420
4No Other Qualified Times$0
5No Other Qualified Times$0
1Garth & Amanda Gardiner$1,050 
2RT Stuart Ranch LLC$630
3Center Ranch$420
4No Other Qualified Times$0
5No Other Qualified Times$0
18.32Beau Peterson$5,880 
28.34LaRaye Stipes$4,200
38.34Kimberlyn Fitch$3,192
48.72Cheyanne Guillory$2,352
58.76Cheyanne Guillory$1,176
1Sixes Pick$735 
2Woody Be Tuff$525
3Catty Rey$399
4Metallic Cat$294
5Slick By Design$147
1John & Carolyn Moorhouse$735 
2Shelby E Belcher III$525
3Nachos Quarter Horses LLC$399
4WW Ranch LLC$294
5Marty & Felicia Miller$147
Go Rounds
Round 1 FT
12.82Taylor Hanchey$1,250 
23.07Cheyanne Guillory$1,000
33.12Rylee Grace Abel$625
43.12Cassidy Boggs$625
Round 2 FT 
12.35Sarah Angelone$1,250 
22.52Sarah Angelone$1,000
32.8Bryanna Lehrmann$750
42.81Taylor Hanchey$500 


16.24Cassidy Boggs$3,280 
26.57Chyann Guillory$2,460
36.99Sarah Angelone$1,640
47.28Taylor Hanchey$820
1Bet Hesa Cat$410 
2Shiners Voodoo DR$309
3Streakin Boon Dox$204
4Bet Hesa Cat$102
1GCH Land & Cattle$410 
2Russ Mothershead$309
3Joe & Carla Spitz$204
4John Baldwin$102
18.34Kimberly Fitch$3,280
28.72Cheyanne Guillory$2,460
39.56Shyanne Allen$1,640
49.24Taryn Sippel$820
1Catty Rey$410 
2Metallic Cat$309
3Four Bonnie Bay$204
4Irish Pay$102
1Nachos Quarter Horses LLC$410 
2WW Ranch LLC$309
3Michael & Kim St Clair$204
4Jeremy or Katie Langdeau$102
Go Rounds
Round 1 FT
13.07Cheyanne Guillory$1,000 
23.12Cassidy Boggs$750
33.23Sarah Angelone$500
Round 2 FT
12.52Sarah Angelone$1,000 
23.12Cassidy Boggs$750
33.63Sarah Angelone$500
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