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Kelsie Domer Riding High with $23K WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi Win

With a new surfboard in hand, Kelsie Domer took home over $23,000 in her journey to winning the 2024 WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi title, May 11.

Photo by Bull Stock Media, courtesy WCRA

Kelsie Domer may not surf, but she’s been hunting the WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi surfboard and she finally gets to take one home, winning the 2024 event May 11.

Domer, nine-time WPRA world champion, took home the coveted Rodeo Corpus Christi surfboard and $23,500 after winning the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round with a 2.15-second run.

“This is super cool,” Domer, 34, said. “I really wanted this surfboard. I don’t surf, but it’s an awesome prize.”

Battle to the final three

Domer qualified directly into the Progressive Round, bypassing the Wild Card Round Wednesday, May 8. The Dublin, Texas, cowgirl finished second in Progressive Round 1 with a 2.44-second run for $2,500.

In Progressive Round 2, Domer posted a 3.57 on a stronger calf. Domer felt like she may not have gotten a perfect start at the line but knew she was still solid in the two-head aggregate.

“I really, honestly, kind of drew stronger both rounds,” Domer said. “But I did a better job of getting at the barrier in the first round—I was 2.4. Then [Friday], he beat me a little bit. But I also knew that if I just had a good run, I was going to come back in the average, so I didn’t want to hurt my chances for that. He beat me a little bit, but I ran him down and roped him.”

With a 6.01 on two calves, Domer finished third in the average to progress to the Showdown Round of seven Saturday, May 10, and add $1,500 to her Corpus earnings. As expected with the roster of ladies, things got fast in the Showdown Round with Angelone taking the round win with a 1.84 and a 6.78 from a broken barrier taking sixth.

A 2.0 advanced Domer, and she was second to rope out of three in the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round. Despite a no-time before her, she knew she couldn’t back off with 2022 WPRA World Champion Breakaway Roper and reigning Rodeo Corpus Christi champ Martha Angelone behind her.

“We got to pick the calves yesterday, so they were all the best calves that we could pick,” Domer explained. “They were all really good calves. It was tougher to get back to the top three and then it fell apart in the top three, but you got to go at them no matter what. You’ve got Martha (Angelone) behind you, you’re not going to back off. I like this style where you rope and come back and rope again.”

With a 2.15, she was crowned the 2024 WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi champion.

Domer rode none other than Little Man, the 19-year-old gelding that’s been her right-hand man for five years. Registered as Kits Tiana Play, Little Man holds a special piece of Domer’s heart.

“He’s special to me,” Domer said. “He’s been everywhere. He’s super fast, very quick-footed and stops hard. He just thrives, I think, but gosh, he’s been good for me. He’ll never leave my house, I promise you that.”

The next generation

Rodeo Corpus Christi featured some of the best in the game, like Jackie Crawford, Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, Angelone and Domer herself, but it also showcased some of the rising stars like MaryBeth Beam, Kieley Walz and Bleu Hall.

“It’s super cool because there’s a few girls that I also get to help, they come to us and rope,” explained Domer. “They have the youth [division], too, but these young girls that made it with us, they were in the top part of it; they didn’t get a shoe in or anything like that.”

Compared to when Domer was growing up, she feels that the talent level today is on another level.

“The talent at a young age now is unreal,” Domer said. “When we were at that age, there was nothing like this. And we didn’t rope this good, I promise you. I can probably say it for Jackie, too, but at those girls’ age, I did not rope near what they have, and it’s awesome to see that. It’s awesome to see all these young girls coming up, see the talent, and it makes us even better.”

With $23,000 in her pocket and a shiny new surfboard, Domer is happy with the week and hopes to carry that momentum into the 2024 Women’s Rodeo World Championship and Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo next week, May 13-18.

“It was really good,” Domer said. “I got second in the first round. [Friday] I was a little longer for the round, but I ended up third in the average and then just had two really good runs [Saturday night]. It felt good all week. I was pumped up to do good here, and hopefully I can carry it on to next week.”

Showdown Round results

Martha Angelone (KRRR) 1.84
Kelsie Domer (KRRR)2
MaryBeth Beam2.37
Jackie Crawford2.45$500 
Kieley Walz2.45$500 
Jordan Jo Hollabaugh (KRRR)6.78$500 
 Bleu Hall 100$500 

Triple Crown of Rodeo Round results

Kelsie Domer (KRRR)2.15$19,500 
Martha Angelone (KRRR) 100$3,000 
MaryBeth Beam100$3,000 
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