Winning across the West
Makayla Boisjoli Cleans Up in Salina, Logandale: Plus Everything Else You Missed this Weekend

Makayla Boisjoli is setting herself up to win money now and later, taking home $3,667 at the Clark County Fair & Rodeo and qualifying for the Calgary Stampede at the WPRA Western Region Qualifier.

Makayla Boisjoli has a strong weekend of ProRodeo competition, qualifying for the Calgary Stampede and winning the Clark County Fair & Rodeo.
Makayla Boisjoli has a strong weekend of ProRodeo competition, qualifying for the Calgary Stampede and winning the Clark County Fair & Rodeo. Photo by Hailey Rae Photography

Canadian cowgirl Makayla Boisjoli has been heating up heading into the summer run with consistent wins every weekend—blowing the doors off April 11–14, 2024, with victories at the Calgary Stampede Breakaway Qualifier and Clark County Fair & Rodeo.

Boisjoli—the older sister of 2023 World Champion Shelby Boisjoli-Meged—got both her wins aboard 19-year-old palomino gelding “Shooter.”

While Boisjoli is still a good ways outside the Top 15, the weekend victories should put her WPRA earnings around $6,700, which is currently No. 60. In that tightly-packed territory, a couple thousand dollars can see ropers move five or more places in the standings. With Boisjoli’s momentum behind her, she’ll be one to watch in the coming weeks.

Clark County Fair & Rodeo

Logandale, NV, April 10-14

Big winners in Logandale include No. 3 Taylor Munsell, No. 7 BFI Breakaway Champion Macy Young and No. 8 Willow Wilson.

First round: 1. Taylor Munsell, 2.2 seconds, $2,200; 2. Macy Young, 2.3, $1,885; 3. (tie) Josie Conner and McKinley Drake, 2.5, $1,466 each; 5. Chloe Lambert, 2.6, $1,047; 6. Hope Thompson, 2.8, $838; 7. Dally Mendenhall, 2.9, $628; 8. (tie) Makayla Boisjoli and Kenzie Kelton, 3.1, $367 each; 10. Sierra Spratt, 3.3, $209. 

Second round: 1. J J Hampton, 1.8 seconds, $2,200; 2. (tie) Anna Callaway and Willow Wilson, 2.2, $1,728 each; 4. Bradi Good, 2.3, $1,362; 5. (tie) Samantha Fulton and Sarah Verhelst, 2.4, $943 each; 7. Jenna Fulton, 2.5, $628; 8. Tacy Webb, 2.6, $419; 9. (tie) Shayla Hall and Cadee Williams, 2.7, $262 each. 

Average: 1. Makayla Boisjoli, 5.9 seconds on two head, $3,299; 2. Lari Dee Guy, 6.4, $2,828; 3. Timber Allenbrand, 6.8, $2,357; 4. Kaitlyn Andersen, 7.3, $2,042; 5. Jackie Crawford, 7.4, $1,571; 6. Sierra Spratt, 8.7, $1,257; 7. Beau Peterson, 9.5, $943; 8. TiAda Gray, 9.6, $628; 9. Shelli Scrivner, 10.3, $471; 10. Samantha Fulton, 14.6, $314.

WPRA Western Region Calgary Stampede Breakaway Qualifier

Former Resistol Rookie of the Year contender MaryBeth Beam and Boisjoli took the two coveted qualification spots for the Calgary Stampede in July. For Boisjoli, the rodeo is a trip back home, and she’ll have the chance to rope for the $12,500 payday.

1.Marybeth Beam, 3.9 seconds on 2; 2. Makayla Boisjoli, 4.1 seconds; 3. Samantha Fulton, 4.2 seconds; 4. Makayla Boisjoli, 4.5 seconds; 5. Sarah Verhelst, 4.6 seconds; 6. (tie) Mandi Holland, Chloe Lambert and Rheagan Cotton 4.7 seconds; 9. (tie) Lari Dee and Nicole Baggarley, 5.2 seconds.

Oakdale Saddle Club Rodeo

Oakdale, CA, April 13-14

Columbia River Circuit force Bailey Patterson took the Oakdale win with a time of 2.7 seconds.

1. Bailey Patterson, 2.7 seconds, $2,704; 2. Josie Conner, 2.8, $2,318; 3. (tie) Whitlee Burgess, Calli Kaufman, Suzanne Williams and Paige Wiseman, 3.0, $1,481 each; 7. Taylor Murray, 3.1, $773; 8. Morgan Thompson, 3.2, $515; 9. Josie Pereira, 3.3, $386; 10. Callahan Otoupalik, 3.4, $258.

The Kingsman Andy Devine PRCA Rodeo

Kingman, Ariz., April 13-14

1. Chloe Lambert, 1.8 seconds, $1,404; 2. Nicole Baggarley, 1.9, $1,162; 3. Kaydin Finan, 2.1, $920; 4. (tie) Kaylee Billingsley, Cora Borman, Samantha Fulton, Faith Holyan and Toni Miller, 2.3, $271 each.

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