NFBR Rookie Sarah Angelone Wins 2 Rounds with 1.9- and 1.7-Second Runs

Sarah Angelone was coaxed onto the ProRodeo road by sister Martha, went on to qualify for the NFBR and win two go-rounds with sub-2-second times.

Sarah Angelone ropes her Round 6 calf in 1.9 seconds for her first go-round win of the NFBR.
Sarah Angelone ropes her Round 6 calf in 1.9 seconds for her first go-round win of the NFBR. Photo by Jamie Arviso

Sarah Angelone found success at her first-ever NFBR on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023, roping her way to win Round 6 and Round 10 with sub-2-second times.

“Day 1 I was really going to try to win the average—that was my plan,” Angelone said. “And I missed two on Day 1. So, on Day 2 I was just going to let it all hang out.”

Sarah Angelone’s NFBR mount

Astride Dont Cry Me To Wendy, known as “Wilma,” Angelone started picking up the pace, roping in 1.9 seconds in Round 6 before blowing the doors off in Round 10 with a 1.7-second run, winning a total of $11,737 on Day 2.

Riding Wilma was the cherry on top for Angelone, since the mare had been out with an injury for three months before the NFBR. Angelone admitted she didn’t know if Wilma was up to the task of the noisy venue with few practice runs, but the 8-year-old didn’t miss a beat.

“I was so excited for my first victory lap,” Angelone said, “I wanted to throw something, but I didn’t have anything to throw so I just threw my hands in the air. I didn’t even have a horse to ride, so I asked Kelsie [Domer] if I could borrow a back-up horse. I hadn’t planned for this.”

Angelone and Domer joked together that since Domer roped ahead her in the performances, she provided the pressure to get the job done.

The day was special all around, since Angelone’s friend Dani Lowman took the other three go-round wins with times of 1.9, 1.7 and 1.7 seconds. Angelone and Lowman helped one another in the box, cheering when they pulled off the wins.

Sarah Angelone waves during her victory lap on Kelsie Domer's horse "J-LOW."
Sarah Angelone waves during her victory lap on Kelsie Domer’s horse “J-LOW.” Photo by Jamie Arviso

“Dani pushed me to do better,” Angelone said. “I get so excited when anyone I help does well, but Dani, she’s amazing and works so hard.”

For a roper who initially wasn’t too keen on the ProRodeo thing, Angelone has reached the pinnacle of breakaway competition. Although she’s not resolute on her 2024 plans, she admitted that the energy in the South Point Arena was electric.

“I’m going to go to the winter rodeos and see how it goes,” Angleone said. “I don’t think I’ll go all summer because it’s hard for me to be gone that long.”

Angelone finished No. 4 in the world standings with $114,384 won.

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