Short Term Memory Leads Sarah Angelone to First BFI Breakaway Win

Virginia native Sarah Angelone checked BFI breakaway roping champion off her bucket list in Guthrie, Oklahoma, with an impressive win in 2023.

Sarah Angelone leaves the box during the breakaway roping at the BFI.
Sarah Angelone got the 2023 BFI all-girl breakaway win on Dingo. Image by Andersen/CBarC Photography.

Virginian-turned-Texan Sarah Angelone put a dramatic explanation point on her $14,000 Charlie 1 Horse breakaway roping during Bob Feist Invitational week in Guthrie, Oklahoma, on March 29 at the Lazy E Arena.

On her winning run, Angelone (24) went 3.05 seconds to win the first round and $1,000, then followed it up with a nearly identical 3.04-second time to earn second and $750 in the second go. A mid four-second run would have done the trick to get the win, but Angelone launched a 3.64-second loop that clinched her $14,000 aggregate win with 9.73 seconds on three head ahead of No. 2 finisher, Taylor Hanchey with 10.98 on three.

The young horse trainer wasn’t just No. 1 high callback to the roping, she also had a shot in the No. 3 position on her second entry.

“I wanted to just rope clean and not add a barrier all day, and I almost accomplished that,” Angelone said.

When she backed in the box on Dont Cry To Me Wendy, her main rodeo horse she calls “Wilma,” she threw quickly out of the corner, but left early and got taken out with a barrier, which would later pay her another $1,000 for being the fastest short round run to miss out on an aggregate check.

After getting her rope at the end of the long Lazy E Arena from that run, Angelone calmly walked back up the return alley. When the No. 2 callback cowgirl’s loop came up empty, all eyes turned to Angelone’s second run.

Meanwhile, Angelone tied up Wilma and got on 6-year-old Little Crimson Cat, who was already comfortable in the Lazy E thanks to his finals finish at the Riata Buckle in October.

Little Crimson Cat breakaway horse's papers

“He’s a little on the muscle, but he scores good and he can really run,” Angelone said. “I feel like that’s a huge advantage in this arena.”

Snakebitten slightly from her run on Wilma, Angelone hung a breath longer in the corner and showed off her gelding’s speed—and stop—with a powerful loop.

Not only was she on fire in the breakaway, Angelone also reminded folks how she won her 2022 WPRA All-Around world title in the fall with her heading efforts in the all-girl team roping in Guthrie, where she also came back high call to the short round.

“It’s all about short-term memory,” Angelone explained. “Especially when you’re roping steers and calves. Surely by now I know how to rope—this is what you prepare for your whole life, so you just go out there and do what you do.”

The younger of the Angelone sisters, Sarah has always preferred to train horses and stay close to home, while big sister Martha follows the ProRodeo trail closely. However, Sarah’s name has popped up in the final sections of big winter rodeos like Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, RodeoHouston and Rodeo Austin. She’s currently seated No. 7 in the WPRA world standings with $27,759.23.

Short Term Memory Leads Sarah Angelone To First Bfi Breakaway Win
Sarah Angelone accepts her $14,000 aggregate check for winning the BFI breakaway. Image by Val Andersen/CBarC Photography.

It begs the question: Has Sarah finally caught ProRodeo fever, and is a run at the National Finals Breakaway Roping in her future?

“I might go over (The Fourth of July run) to a couple because everybody is telling me I really need to because of what I already have won,” Sarah said. “But it’s just not where my heart is right now. I really don’t like being gone, and to answer everybody’s major question, no, I do not plan on rodeoing all year.”

What Sarah is stoked about? Major paydays at futurities like Riata Buckle and jackpots like the BFI all-girl.

I’ve wanted to win this roping in either team roping or breakaway for such a long time,” Sarah said. “It’s a big production and just to get that win under my belt is incredible to me. It’s such a cool roping. The setup is different, calves were fun this year, I drew good—this is just a special win.

Bob Feist Invitational Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway Roping Results

2023 Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway Results

Aggregate Results (on three head)

  1. Sarah Angelone, 9.73 seconds, $14,000
  2. Taylor Hanchey, 10.98 seconds, $10,000
  3. Hali Williams, 11.34 seconds, $6,500
  4. Janae Todacheenie, 11.75 seconds, $5,500
  5. Brandi McDowell, 12.14 seconds, $4,500
  6. Brett Woolsey, 12.40 seconds, $3,500
  7. Jackie Crawford, 12.42 seconds, $3,000 
  8. Bailey Jay, 12.68 seconds, $2,500
  9. Kennedy Buckner, 13.01 seconds $2,000
  10. Danielle Wray, 13.21 seconds $1,500
  11. Lexey Williams, 15.37 seconds, $1,000

Round One Fast Time

  1. Quincy Sullivan, 3.03 seconds, $1,000
  2. Sarah Angelone, 3.04 seconds, $750
  3. Baylee Barker, 3.06 seconds, $500

Round Two Fast Time

  1. Sarah Angelone, 3.05 seconds, $1,000
  2. Janae Todacheenie, 3.35 seconds, $750
  3. Cheyenne Guillory, 3.36 seconds, $500

Short Go Fast Time (fastest not placing in average)

  1. Sarah Angelone, 12.61 seconds, $1,000

18 & Under Incentive

  1. Brett Woolsey, 12.4 seconds on three, $1,000
  2. Summer Williams, 8.73 seconds on two, $750
  3. Kamey Kennermer, 10.22 seconds on two, $500
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