Tacy Kay Webb, of Madisonville, Texas, made her mark as the first breakaway roper out in the second performance of the WCRA Days of ’47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo on July 21, to advance to the Gold Medal Round on Saturday, July 24.

Webb, 23, made a quick run in 2.4 seconds to set the pace of the night and won the round, worth $1,600.

“I almost feel like you feel less pressure being first,” Webb said, who works as a ICU nurse. “Truthfully, if I would have sat back there, I probably would have been over thinking it. Being first with some really tough hands behind me, you just kind of have to wing it. You just pick your shot and hope it works. You try to go as fast as you can and sweat out everybody else.”

Pick her shot she did as she threw all the rope she had to get her loop tight around the calfs neck.

“I knew it felt quick because I knew I had to throw it a pretty good ways, so the rope caught fast,” she said. “It wasn’t the prettiest run. I definitely wouldn’t set it up like that again if I had a chance to redo it. It worked and my rope came off fast because I had to throw it so far, so I’m trying not to complain.”

Having only seen eight calves go in the breakaway roping the night before, the only thing Webb knew about her calf was that it had been ran in the calf roping at the ProRodeo in Nephi, Utah.

“I had a friend that hauled over here with me, Abby Medlin,” Webb said. “She asked the guys and she looked up the video and was a good friend. I got to watch them run him and it wasn’t the greatest video because they didn’t really show the start on him, but he looked like a good average calf.”

What helped get her rope broke off her saddle horn so quick was her 12-year-old horse Hondo, by CD Lights, which she and her dad trained.

“We bought him as a 3-year-old,” she said. “He was so easy to train; He was a natural. I had to season him a long time before he was a good rodeo horse. Now that he’s super solid he’s super easy to get along with.”

With two semi-final rounds left, Webb is sitting back and letting higher power decided her fate come Saturday night’s Gold Medal Round.

“I’m one of those people that really and truly believes that if it’s your time, if it’s God’s plan, it’s his plan,” she said. “You cannot change it no matter what. If it’s my time it is, if not, it wasn’t His plan. I’m just going to trust that and use my horse and go rope the best that I can.”

Semi-Finals Performance 2 Results:

1. Tacy Kay Webb, 2.40-second run
2. Hailey Schafer, 4.74-second run
3. Sawyer Gilbert, 7.3-second run
4. Jordan Jo Fabrizio, 7.58-second run
5/6/7/8. Aspen Miller, No Time
5/6/7/8. Jordi Edens, No Time
5/6/7/8. Shelby Osceola, No Time
5/6/7/8. Morgan Sparks, No Time