Angelone and “Scamp” Secure San Antonio’s Inaugural Breakaway Win

Martha Angelone turned in four sub-2.2-second breakaway runs at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo to amass $11,250 and win the first-ever San Antonio Breakaway title.

Angelone And “scamp,” Secure Inaugural San Antonio Breakaway Win
Bunkhouse Blessings Photography/Kay Miller

No stranger to making history, Martha Angelone stamped her name in the book of breakaway firsts yet again at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, held Feb. 10–26, 2022.  

Angelone, who won the aggregate at the first National Finals of Breakaway Roping in 2020, dominated Bracket 3 in the tournament-style rodeo by turning in times of 2.1, 2.2, and 11.0 seconds that drew checks in each round, totaling $2,750 in earnings. In the semifinals, Angelone again led the pack out of her semifinals section with a 2.1-second run that added $2,500 to her earnings. In the finals, Angelone clinched her victory with yet another 2.1-second time worth $6,000.  

“I don’t even know how to describe the feeling I had when I found out I won it. It took about 30 minutes to sink in,” said the two-time NFBR qualifier. “After my run in the finals, I did a little fist pump and everybody in the crowd just started screaming and yelling. It was such a cool feeling.”  

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Angelone claimed her wins aboard the same black gelding she has used on some very big stages in the past several months. Black K Shadow, or “Scamp,” as he is known, is a 17-year-old gelding owned by Michaela Caudle of Horatio, Arkansas.  

“We bought him from a horse trader in Oklahoma. He was so ugly and poor looking that my dad refused to buy him at first,” Caudle said. “He was never supposed to be that good. He just works because he loves it. That horse is all heart and he’s the nicest horse I’ve ever swung a leg over.” 

After taking three trips to the National High School Finals Rodeo and four trips to the College National Finals Rodeo with Scamp, the Arkansas cowgirl decided to pursue a law degree and, unfortunately, that meant it was time for her to hang up her breakaway rope. But she couldn’t bring herself to sell Scamp.  

Angelone had always wanted to ride the black horse, though, and offered to care for him and compete on him while Caudle worked on her degree.  

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“I could have sold him and not had to take out student loans, but no amount of money would have been worth it. It would be like stabbing him in the back,” Caudle said. “I knew that Martha would take good care of him and take him to the big rodeos, and that’s where he deserves to be.”  

Angelone had to adjust to the gelding’s powerful move out of the box at first, but once the duo got in sync, they aimed for the pay window together. San Antonio was a little arena with big energy, but the gelding seemed on point in the loud building. 

“Scamp handled it awesome. It was just another day at the office for him,” Angelone said.  

Angelone hasn’t taken much time to process her win, but instead, has spent her days since San Antonio bouncing around the state of Texas, taking full advantage of the numerous breakaway ropings and rodeos going on simultaneously.  

She is now seated in the No. 2 position in the WPRA World Standings with $23,122.56 in earnings in the 2022 season and isn’t letting off the throttle anytime soon.  

“I just want to thank San Antonio for letting us compete this year, Michaela for letting me use Scamp, and my sponsors for all that they do,” Angelone said. 

San Antonio Breakaway 

San Antonio, Texas 


1. Samantha Fulton, 1.8-second run, worth $2,500 

2. Taylor Hanchey, 2.1-second run, worth $2,000 

3. Kelsie Domer, 2.2-second run, worth $1,500 

4. Makayla Boisjoli, 2.6-second run, worth $1,000 

Semifinal 1 

1. Martha Angelone, 2.1-second run, worth $2,500 

2. Hope Thompson, 2,6-second run, worth $2,000 

3. Erin Johnson, 2.8-second run, worth $1,500 

4/5. Jordi Edens, 2.9-second run, worth $500 

4/5. Samantha Fulton, 2.9-second run, worth $500 

Final qualifiers 

1. Martha Angelone, $5,250 

2. Hope Thompson, $4,4875 

3. Erin Johnson, $4,167 

4. Tibba Smith, $2,375 

5. Rickie Engesser, $2,292 

Semifinal 2 

1/2. Amber Crawford, 2.3-second run, worth $2,250 

1/2. Cheyenne Guillory, 2.3-second run, worth $2,250  

3/4/5/6. Joey Williams, 2.5-second run, worth $625 

3/4/5/6. Makayla Mack, 2.5-second run, worth $625 

3/4/5/6. Cadee Williams, 2.5-second run, worth $625 

3/4/5/6. Kelsie Domer, 2.5-second run, worth $625 

Final qualifiers 

1. Cheyenne Guillory, $5,000 

2. Amber Crawford, $4,000 

3. Emma Charleston, $3,375 

4. Cadee Williams, $3,042 

5. Kelsie Domer, $2,250  

Bracket 1 

First round 

1. Cadee Williams, 2.4-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Ashley Goforth, 2.7-second run, worth $1,000 

3. (tie) Kelsie Domer and Rickie Engesser, 3.4-second run, worth $625 each 

Second round 

1. Erin Johnson, 1.9-second run, worth $1,250 

2/3/4. Kelsie Domer, 2.1-second run, worth $750 each 

2/3/4. Rickie Engesser, 2.1-second run, worth $750 each 

2/3/4. Katie Dent, 2.1-second run, worth $750 each 

Third round 

1. Erin Johnson, 2.8-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Kelsie Domer, 3.0-second run, worth $1,000 

3. Rickie Engesser, 12.5-second run, worth $750 

Bracket 2 

First round 

1. Taylor Engesser, 1.8-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Cheyanne Guillory, 1.9-second run, worth $1,000 

3. Amanda Coleman, 2.3-second run, worth $750 

4. Amber Crawford, 2.6-second run, worth $500 

Second round 

1. Makayla Boisjoli, 2.5-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Amber Crawford, 2.6-second run, worth $1,000 

3. Cheyanne Guillory, 2.9-second run, worth $750 

4. Taylor Hanchey, 3.4-second run, worth $500 

Third round 

1. Taylor Hanchey, 1.9-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Cheyenne Guillory, 2.2-second run, worth $1,000 

3. Kayelen Helton, 2.4-second run, worth $750 

4/5. Makayla Boisjoli, 2.5-second run, worth $250 each 

4/5. Amber Crawford, 2.5-second run, worth $250 each 

Bracket 3 

First round 

1. Bailey Gubert, 2.3-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Taylor Munsell, 2.4-second run, worth $1,000 

3. Martha Angelone, 11.9-second run, worth $750 

4. Coralee Spratt, 12.0-second run, worth $500 

Second round 

1. McKenna Hickson, 2.1-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Martha Angelone, 2.2-second run, worth $1,000 

3. Jackie Crawford, 2.4-second run, worth $750 

4. Sarah Morrissey, 2.5-second run worth $500 

Third round 

1. Samantha Fulton, 2.0-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Martha Angelone, 2.1-second run, worth $1,000 

3/4. McKenna Hickson, 3.2-second run, worth $625 

3/4. Coralee Spratt, 3.2-second run, worth $625 

Bracket 4 

First round 

1. Emma Charleston, 1.7-second run, worth$1,250 

2. Makayla Mack, 2.0-second run, worth $1,000 

3. Brandy Gilbert, 3.8-second run, worth $750 

4. Tacy Webb, 11.8-second run, worth $500 

Second round 

1. Tibba Smith, 1.9-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Emma Charleston, 11.7-second run, worth $1,000 

3. Jordi Edens, 12.1-second run, worth $750 

4. Makayla Mack, 12.5-second run, worth $500 

Third round 

1/2. Tibba Smith, 2.2-second run, worth $1,250 each 

1/2. Emma Charleston, 2.2-second run, worth $1,250 each 

3. Loni Lester, 2.8-second run, worth $750 

4. Jordi Edens, 12.0-second run, worth $500 

Bracket 5 

First round 

1. Hope Thompson, 2.0-second run, worth $1,250 

2/3. Bailey Patterson, 2.4-second run, worth $875 

2/3. Zoie Bedke, 2.4-second run, worth $875 

4. Sawyer Gilbert, 2.8-second run, worth $500 

Second round 

1. Brighton Bauman, 3.7-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Hope Thompson, 12.2-second run, worth $1,000 

Third round 

1. Joey Williams, 2.1-second run, worth $1,250 

2. Jacey Fortier, 2.2-second run, worth $1,000 

3. Bailey Patterson, 2.6-second run, worth $750 

4. Sarah Verheist, 3.0-second run, worth $500 

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