Balancing Act
Maddy Deerman Talks NFR Open and Balancing Responsibities on The Breakdown
Maddy Deerman wins the NFR Open
Maddy Deerman navigated a muddy final four to win the 2023 NFR Open. Photo by Tanya Hamner.

Maddy Deerman is one of the most-listened to guests on The Breakaway Breakdown, and she returns after bringing a major breakaway roping win back to the Turquoise Circuit from the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Deerman shares how she balances her busy master’s degree, internship and rodeo responsibilities. The young cowgirl from New Mexico is laser-focused on a career outside of the arena, and her perspective is unique from the career cowgirls who make their living solely with a rope.

Sit back and enjoy this quick, focused and real interview with guest host and Breakaway Roping Journal editor, Lillian Kent and Deerman while Deerman travels down the road.

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