Breakaway Roping FANS are Cowgirl Catalyst Award Recipients in 2023

For Women in Rodeo Month, The Breakaway Roping Journal awarded the Cowgirl Catalyst: Walk Tall Award to the breakaway roping Fans for being the most essential component in the successful growth of the sport.

Fans fill the seats at Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2021. | Kari deCastro

The Breakaway Roping Journal is delighted to announce that Breakaway Roping Fans are first-year recipients of the Cowgirl Catalyst Awards—a series of Women in Rodeo Month awards designed to recognize the people and organizations that support Women in Rodeo.

Breakaway Roping FANS are the chosen recipient of the Walk Tall Cowgirl Catalyst Award. Inspired by R. Watson Boots signature motto, the Walk Tall Award is a grateful nod to the people in the stands, following along on social media and turning on the television when Women in Rodeo compete.

When rodeo committees and media entities—including this one—are asked why breakaway, the answer is always the same: Because the fans said they wanted it. Without a demand for inclusion and coverage of the sport, breakaway would still be the lost sport: The roping event that was everyone’s favorite in college, but in which there was no real future.

Instead, in 2023, ProRodeo breakaway ropers are out-earning themselves year-over-year and the fans are their why:

“We did ask our season ticket holders how they felt about adding breakaway roping. Hands down, the response was clear.”

Katelyn Scates, Director of Sports and Event Presentations for RodeoHouston, as told in “The Numbers Don’t Lie,” by Jolee Jordan.

The Breakaway Roping Journal finds the Fans of breakaway the perfect recipient of the Walk Tall Cowgirl Catalyst Award because they are the linchpin of the entire breakaway economy. Thanks to the commitment of the fans who fill the seats and support the vendors and the sponsors and who share the news of the sport across their social media channels, breakaway roping athletes can walk tall when they enter the rodeo arena, proud to be one of today’s Women in Rodeo.

Dear Fans, we congratulate you and thank you, sincerely.

About the Cowgirl Catalyst Awards:

Women in Rodeo Month 2023 marks the introduction of The Breakaway Roping Journal’s Cowgirl Catalyst Awards. Throughout the month, we will be announcing a total of five Cowgirl Catalyst Awards and their recipients. The awards are inspired by the Women in Rodeo Month sponsors—R. Watson BootsMane ‘n Tail and Resistol—who make it possible for The Breakaway Roping JournalBarrelRacing.comThe Team Roping Journal and to dedicate a full month of coverage to the people and organizations behind the expansive growth in women’s rodeo and the Western industry.

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