218 Quincy Segelke

Knowing When to Slow Down with Quincy Segelke

Quincy Segelke, 22, has been focusing on starting and finishing young horses which can be a challenge. Here she breaks down how she started her 6-year-old bay mare and what she has been working on to help finish her.

Sawyer Gilbert at WRWC Quartering Paint Breakaway Horse

Quartering: Is It Costing You or Is It Your Secret Sauce?

Trevor Brazile, Lari Dee Guy and Sawyer Gilbert weigh-in on whether a quartering breakaway horse can save you precious tenths at the end of a run or cost you a catch.

Madison Outhier being awarded her $60,000 check at WCRA Rodeo's WRWC.


The Women’s Rodeo World Championship (WRWC) today announced updates regarding Challenger classification for the Nov. 1-6 event, at South Point Arena, held in conjunction with Professional Bull Riders (PBR) World Finals in Las Vegas. In addition to the classification updates for 2021, there will also be a new technology release associated with the WRWC Leaderboard (Segment W21), which will separate athletes into Pro and Challenger - with a Leaderboard for each classification.

Jackie Crawford NFBR

Glass Everywhere: The Top 10 Breakaway Roping Stories of 2020

The top 10 breakaway roping stories of 2020.


Four Teenage Breakaway Ropers Won $147,600 (and a Truck and Trailer!) During NFR Week

Josie Conner, Aspen Miller, Madison Outhier and Harley Pryor cleaned house during NFR Week, banking more money than most of their professional cohorts combined.

Anna Bahe Mamas Duel N At Boon

Anna Bahe to Crack Out AQHA World Champ Stud Mamas Duel N At Boon for NFBR

After the loss of her great horse Roy, Anna Bahe will tap James Barton's AQHA Junior Tie-Down Roping World Champion Stud Mamas Duel N At Boon for the inaugural National Finals of Breakaway Roping.

Jackie Crawford Women's Rodeo World Championship Pregnant

A Triple-Crown Vet's No-Brainer Strategies for Taking the Best Care of Your Rope Horses' Joints

Jackie Crawford relies on her friendship with world-class vet Dr. Steve Allday, creator of LubriSynHA, for much of her horse-care regimen. We tapped Dr. Allday for his no-brainer strategies to keep breakaway horses sound.

Jackie Crawford Breakaway Roping

3 Signs Your Breakaway Horse Needs Vetting, Not Tuning

Your breakaway horse might not be performing at his best, and it's tempting to take him to the practice pen for a tuning session. But that's not always the right answer, says 19-time WPRA World Champion Jackie Crawford, because your horse could be trying to tell you he's hurting.


In Loving Memory: The Bahe Sisters Say Goodbye to the Great Roy

Cassie (Bahe) Latham and Anna Bahe had to do one of the hardest things as a horse owner: put down their great horse Roy, just months before competing at the inaugural National Finals of Breakaway Roping.

Amber Crawford Caddy

The Greatest Breakaway Horses of All-Time (Part 2)

This is the second in our new series of articles detailing the careers and accolades of the greatest breakaway horses ever to score like a statue, pin the start and drag their butts.

Jackie Crawford

Crawford's Critical Breakaway Horse-Care Regimen

Jackie Crawford uses her horsepower to stay at the top of her game. Here's what it takes to keep her equine partners ready for action.