The Breakaway Roping Journal is the ultimate guide to breakaway roping tips, breakaway roping news, breakaway roping horses and stories with and about top breakaway ropers in the up-and-coming women’s sport.

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Welcome To The Breakaway Roping Journal! offers courses on breakaway roping 101 as well as elite tuning with the likes of WPRA World Champion Hope Thompson, RFD-TV’s The American Champion Madison Outhier, jackpot standouts Josie Conner and Aspen Miller, college rodeo coach Linsay Sumpter and the King of the Cowboys, Trevor Brazile. And we’re just getting started!

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Preparing for ProRodeo
Getting ready to compete against the best in the world is a daunting task. Here’s how Josie Conner is preparing to tackle the obstacles of the rodeo road in 2022.
Welcome To The Breakaway Roping Journal!
Breakaway Practice Set Up
How you set up your practice pen—especially if it’s a traditionally wide team roping arena—really matters. Linsay Sumpter discusses how to set up a calf lane and the pitfalls of an arena not suited for a breakaway practice.
Welcome To The Breakaway Roping Journal!
The Inaugural NFBR Experience
Two-time National Finals of Breakaway Roping qualifier Erin Johnson expresses the first-time feeling when backing in the box at the inaugural NFBR in 2020.