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Before You Post Your Horse for Sale

Ride them like someone else, Sarah Angelone says.

Sarah Angelone joins the coaching team to share her breakaway roping training tips and approaches.

I thought you said this horse didn’t buck,” isn’t quite what you want to hear from a prospective buyer trying your horse. Before you post your breakaway horse for sale or let another roper run a few, avoid surprises by following this tip from American Rodeo breakaway champion Sarah Angelone:

“Not everybody’s going to ride like me, so I always have to think about the next person who’s going to get on.”

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“No two people ride the exact same. So when I’m fixing to post a horse for sale, I’ll get a little bit more handsy with them because I feel like I’m so quiet in the box, and when somebody comes to try a horse they might be kicking and pulling. I’ll try to move my hand a little more, turn them the opposite way or just do something different with them.”

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Learn more about the masterclasses offered for all levels of ropers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced breakaway roper, we offer a diverse range of instructional videos led by top coaches.

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