Just for Kicks: Lari Dee Guy, Trevor Brazile and Woodrow the Pony

Lari Dee Guy and Trevor Brazile had A LOT of fun as kids with one particular pony and his ability to dirty buck.

Not Woodrow the Pony: Just For Kicks: Lari Dee Guy, Trevor Brazile And Woodrow The Pony
Vintage Cowboy Riding Bucking Bronco at rodeo Wet Plate Photograph Art

Lari Dee Guy and Trevor Brazile’s partnership goes WAY back—back to the days of Trevor Brazile and Woodrow the Pony, known across the Texas Panhandle as one of the ropey-est and bucking-est ponies in the Lone Star State.

Woodrow the Pony could spin, stop and slide, and aboard that pony Brazile cut his teeth as a young horseman and as a roper. But when Brazile added a flank strap into the mix, he showed off his pony’s abilities at the other end of the arena, too. In this video presented by Cactus Ropes, Brazile and Guy talk about the early days of their friendship and a time when Woodrow the Pony showed just how hard he could buck with one of their long-time friends.

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