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Cheyanne Guillory Talks ProRodeo Career, Horses and Traveling on The Breakaway Breakdown

Get to know NFBR qualifier, Cheyanne Guillory, in this episode of The Breakaway Breakdown Podcast.

Cheyanne Guillory breakaway roping at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.
Cheyanne Guillory goes 1.9 in the FWSSR Finals to win the 2023 event and $20,000. FWSSR Photo by James Phifer.

On this episode of The Breakaway Breakdown, multiple-time NFBR qualifier Cheyenne Guillory checks in from the ProRodeo trail to talk about how she got into the sport of breakaway roping and ended up as one of the sharkiest in the game.

She also shares her experiences traveling on the ProRodeo trail, how things are changing for the women of the sport and how she keeps her horses looking and feeling their best throughout the year. Learn about Cheyanne’s unique backstory and her time playing collegiate softball when she took a break from the breakaway roping pen, and how she worked to qualify multiple times for the National Finals of Breakaway Roping.

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