NEW FORMAT—Riata Buckle Breakaway Set to Pay $100,000

For its second year, the Riata Buckle Breakaway restructured to feature a three-head aggregate and a divided short round format to reward different levels of ropers.

Cassidy Boggs And Bet Hes Classified Win First-ever Riata Buckle Breakaway Futurity
Cassidy Boggs And Bet Hes Classified Win First-ever Riata Buckle Breakaway Futurity in 2022. Photo courtesy of Riata Buckle by Andersen CBarC Photography.

The Riata Buckle Breakaway Roping is returning with a new format for its second year to the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, November 2–5, 2023, and is guaranteeing a $100,000 payout to its breakaway competitors.

Following its inaugural year, the team at Riata Buckle came together to discuss the best format for breakaway ropers moving forward. They decided to leave behind the open rodeo “D” format and adopt an aggregate system on three head with short rounds divided based on time, which is called the “Riata Format.”

The team at Riata Buckle believes the structure will give a broader range of breakaway ropers an opportunity to earn higher payouts. This format is designed to reward consistency, promote Riata Buckle horses, increase the payoffs to contestants and grow Riata Buckle’s breakaway competition. Aggregate payoffs are anticipated to pay 70% more than 2022 with the same number of entries.

2023 Riata Buckle breakaway roping format

The Riata Buckle Breakaway will be a three-head aggregate. Two full rounds and a short round. At the end of the second round, all ropers who have caught two calves will be separated equally into two (or three) short rounds based on time. When the total number of contestants exceeds 150, a third short round will be added. All short rounds will run slow to fast.

  1. Platinum Short Round – (top third or top half)
  2. Middle times: Gold Short Round – (middle third or bottom half)
  3. *Based on entries* Silver Short Round – (bottom third)

Even though the Futurity pays the same as each short round, it is considered an incentive within The Riata Buckle Breakaway, and all Futurity entries can double dip the pot within their respective short round.

Go-round money will be paid in the second round to allow ropers who missed the first calf an earnings opportunity.

Fast time in the short round will be paid to the fastest time not placing in the aggregate.

2023 Riata Buckle Breakaway information
The Riata Buckle Breakaway has a new format for 2023.

 2023 Riata Buckle breakaway rules

The Riata Buckle Breakaway is a single division event, women contestants only.

 Entry fees are $500 per entry. Entries close October 2nd.

  • Women Only
  • WPRA Top 30 Breakaway ropers as of August 1 may enter once in the all-age and once on a futurity horse.
  • All other ropers may enter twice as all-age and once as futurity, or twice as futurity and once all-age.
  • Futurity Age is 5 years old and younger

The futurity is an incentive within the roping. Since this is all in one division there is no time rolling, ropers entered in the Futurity rope for the incentive pot, which is equal in payoff to each All-Age short round, and those entering in the futurity may also double dip the All-Age short round.


  • A rope barrier & electric eye will be used. All score lengths will be subject to Breakaway committee’s approval.
  • Two Timekeepers, a Field Judge, a Barrier Judge, and Spotter will be in the arena at all times.


  • Bell Collar Catch only. Bell collar catch is defined as any loop passing over the calf’s head and slack is drawn around neck only. No other appendages of calf (i.e., front leg, tail, etc.) can be in loop when rope breaks from saddle horn.
  • Ropes must be tied to the saddle horn of contestant’s saddle with nylon string at the very end of the rope. A cloth no shorter than six inches (6”) must be tied to the end of the rope.
  • Only one (1) loop can be carried. A dropped loop counts as a contestant’s thrown loop.
  • Rope must be released from the contestant’s hand to qualify for catch.
  • Contestant must pass thru barrier before loop is released.
  • Contestant must be horseback when time is taken.
  • Times are taken to the hundredths.
  • It is at the judges’ discretion to give a rerun. 
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