Take Two: The Second PRINT Issue of The Breakaway Roping Journal

The Team Roping Journal launched its second edition of The Breakaway Roping Journal inside its August 2021 issue.
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The summer of 2021 will forever be the season that changed the sport of breakaway roping forever, with a record number of ladies hitting the rodeo trail and out-entering nearly every other event. 

Breakaway Ropers Are Out-Entering Nearly Every Other ProRodeo Event—WITHOUT a Guaranteed Spot in Vegas. What Gives? 

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In response, The Breakaway Roping Journal dropped its second print issue in August 2021, highlighting the young talent, the fundamentals and the struggles of the sport of breakaway roping. Personalities in the issue include covergirl and standout Madison Outhier, legend Lari Dee Guy, World Champion Erin Johnson and more. 

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