Are you Watching the Breakaway Bubble in Puyallup? 👀

The NFR Playoff Series in Puyallup is on track to impact the WPRA world breakaway standings in a BIG way.

Jackie Crawford T-Boy
Crawford and T-Boy celebrate Crawford's 2020 WPRA World Title. | RC Photography

If you’re not paying attention to the NFR Playoff Series Finale in Puyallup, Washington, this weekend, are you even a fan of breakaway roping?

“(NFR) Dreams are made and lost in Puyallup and Pendleton.”

Bonnie Wheatley

According to WPRA ground rules, a go round in Puyallup pays $3,600 and winning the Playoff finals pays $13,000. For perspective, there’s currently less than $10,000 separating No. 10 and No. 20 in the WPRA standings.

Here’s the 24 cowgirls entered and what’s at stake. See results from the first night at the bottom of this list.

** Denotes reigning World Champion

The “Long Shots”

First up is the group that’s going to have to make moves in a BIG way for Puyallup to pay off. If they’re going to make a move, this is the time.

Gianna Cianfichi

Cianfichi isn’t in the NFBR conversation, but Puyallup could have a major impact on the Resistol Rookie standings race for this California cowgirl.

Resistol Rookie Standings Rank: 7

Resistol Rookie Earnings: $14,775.55

Catching Planes, Roping Necks, And Making History—with gianna Cianfichi
Gianana Cianfichi, Phil Doyle Photography

Lynn Smith

World Standings Rank: 41

Earnings: $21,371.88

Brighton Bauman

World Standings Rank: 31

Earnings: $27,047.88

Hope Thompson

World Standings Rank: 27

Earnings: $31,015.94

Macy Young

World Standings Rank: 26

Earnings: $31,041.89

Josey Murphy

World Standings Rank: 24

Earnings: $33,612.57

Tacy Webb

World Standings Rank: 23

Earnings: $33,632.02

Tacy Webb, Courtesy WCRA/Bull Stock Media

Amanda Coleman

World Standings Rank: 22

Earnings: $34,876.45

The “Outsiders”

These are the ladies on the outside of the bubble looking in, and are looking to make their move inside the top 15.

Amber Crawford

World Standings Rank: 20

Earnings: $37,176.51

Josie Conner

Conner not only has an NFBR qualification on the line, she’s looking to maintain her No. 1 position in the Resistol Rookie race.

World Standings Rank: $39,364.22

Earnings: $39,364.22

Resistol Rookie Rank: 1

Resistol Rookie Earnings: $41,519.78

Josie Conner roping her breakaway calf.
Josie Conner, Image courtesy BFI by Andersen/CBarC Photography

** Sawyer Gilbert

World Standings Rank: 18

Earnings: $41,667.64

Jackie Crawford

World Standings Rank: 16

Earnings: $42,718.75

Inside The Bubble

These cowgirls are on the bubble, but have the advantage of already being on the preferred side of the NFBR line. They are looking to maintain their position–or more preferably, move up the list so they can breathe easier for the remainder of September.

Beau Peterson

World Standings Rank: 15

Earnings: $42,764.24

Danielle Lowman

World Standings Rank: 14

Earnings: $43,125.04

Jordi Edens

World Standings Rank: 13

Earnings: $43,643.35

JJ Hampton

World Standings Rank: 12

Earnings: $46,206.36 Launches New Training Video Series With Top Breakaway Ropers Jj Hampton And Shelby Boisjoli
JJ Hampton

The “Defenders”

These are the cowgirls in the middle of the pack. They aren’t critically low, but they’re here to reap the rewards of their exceptional seasons and maintain their NFBR qualifying positions.

Samantha Fulton

World Standings Rank: 10

Earnings: $47,923.97

Rickie Engesser

World Standings Rank: 8

Earnings: $54,723.63

Joey Williams

World Standings Rank: 7

Earnings: $55,732.18

Joey Williams breakaway roping
Joey Williams winning Ellensburg Rodeo, by Bill Lawless Photography.

Shelby Boisjoli

World Standings: 6

Earnings: $58,282.41

World Championship Hopefuls

Martha Angelone has had a chokehold on the No. 1 position since she surpassed Erin Johnson at the beginnning of the summer, but that doesn’t mean she’s safe. The ladies in the top five are some of the most notorious ropers in the game, and they aren’t handing the championship over to Angelone. Puyallup represents a chance for these ladies to close the gap.

Taylor Munsell

World Standings Rank: 5

Earnings: $58,282.41

Lari Dee Guy

World Standings Rank: 4

Earnings: $62,667.74

Taylor Hanchey

World Standings Rank: 3

Earnings: $63,411.51

Erin Johnson

World Standings Rank: $69,130.68

Earnings: $69,130.68

Erin Johnson Breakaway Roper Cheyenne Frontier Days
Erin Johnson ropers her calf in the fifth performance of the 2022 Cheyenne Frontier Days. | Bobby Rosales Photo

The Leader

This one’s pretty self explanatory.

Martha Angelone

World Standings Rank: 1

Earnings: $102,419.84

NFR Playoff Series

Puyallup, Washington, September 8-11

First Performance Results

1, (tie) Jordi Edens, Beau Peterson, Tacy Webb, 3.1, $2,700 each

4, Lari Dee Guy, 4.0, $900

Second Performance Results

1, Josie Connor, Iowa, La., 2.7 seconds, $3,600

2, Erin Johnson, Fowler, Colo., 3.1, $2,700

3, (tie) Beau Peterson, Council Grove, Kan., and Tacy Webb, Midway, Texas, 3.2, $1,350 each

WPRA Breakaway World Standings as of September 06, 2022

1Martha AngeloneStephenville, TX$102,419.8487
2Erin JohnsonFowler, CO$69,130.6861
3Taylor HancheyCarmine, TX$63,411.5175
4Lari Dee GuyAbilene, TX$62,667.7478
5Taylor MunsellAlva, OK$61,930.9179
6Shelby BoisjoliStephenville, TX$58,282.4171
7Joey WilliamsVolborg, MT$55,732.1852
8Rickie EngesserSpearfish, SD$54,723.6348
9Cadee WilliamsWeatherford, TX$53,114.4457
10Samantha FultonMiller, SD$47,923.9778
11Cheyanne GuilloryGainesville, TX$46,459.8182
12J J HamptonStephenville, TX$46,206.3683
13Jordi EdensGatesville, TX$43,643.3567
14Danielle LowmanGilbert, AZ$43,125.0472
15Beau PetersonCouncil Grove, KS$42,764.2461
16Jackie CrawfordStephenville, TX$42,718.7583
17Kelsie DomerDublin, TX$42,192.8825
18Sawyer GilbertBuffalo, SD$41,667.6481
19Josie ConnerIowa, LA$39,364.2259
20Amber CrawfordBoyd, TX$37,176.5178
21Tiffany SchieckFloresville, TX$36,042.9745
22Amanda ColemanStephenville, TX$34,876.4582
23Tacy WebbMidway, TX$33,632.0279
24Josey MurphyKeachi, LA$33,612.5779
25TiAda GrayPortales, NM$31,079.1250

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