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Angelone works with three green horses on staying calm in the box, tracking calves and more.

Sarah Angelone joins the coaching team to share her breakaway roping training tips and approaches.

Learn from the best. Sit it on breakaway roping training sessions with 2022 WPRA All-Around Champion, acclaimed futurity horse trainer and NFBR qualifier Sarah Angelone.

Session #1: Sarah Angelone and Shad Mayfield

Sarah Angelon and Shad Mayfield have a conversation while riding horses.
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Focus: Running through the throw, tracking calves

In this practice session, Shad Mayfield is riding one of his good campaigning horses, 16-year-old Hot Rod, and Sarah Angelone is riding a much greener 6-year-old horse. Mayfield focuses on keeping his horse running through the throw and keeping his left shoulder up. Angelone is focused on keeping her horse free by scoring and tracking some calves.

Session #2: Troubleshooting common breakaway roping issues

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Focus: Training the breakaway horse that stops too soon, staying calm in the box

In this video, Sarah Angelone explains how she practices on a 4-year-old she trained who likes to stop too soon. She runs through multiple practice sessions to show how to maintain calmness in the box and keep the horse running free throughout the entire run.

Session #3: Staying calm and confident in the box

Sarah Angelone riding a sorrel horse backed into the roping box.
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Focus: Box work with green breakaway horses

In this video, Sarah Angelone is working with a green 3-year-old on staying calm and focused in the box. Her goal is to create a low-stress environment that instills confidence in her young horse both standing in and breaking from the box.

About Sarah Angelone coach Sarah Angelone, like her sister Martha, has a gold buckle to her name. She was crowned the 2022 WPRA All-Around Champion just before her older sister won the breakaway championship. The Virginia native is a respected futurity and open horse trainer despite her young age, and Angelone added BFI breakaway champion and NFBR qualifier to her list of achievements in 2023.

Learn more about the masterclasses offered for all levels of ropers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced breakaway roper, we offer a diverse range of instructional videos led by top coaches.

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