Roping Lesson on Horseback with Shelby Boisjoli and Kelsie Domer

NFBR qualifiers Shelby Boisjoli and Kelsie Domer work with students at the Smarty Young Pro Clinic on horseback. coaches and NFBR qualifiers Shelby Boisjoli and Kelsie Domer give a breakaway roping lesson on horseback at the Smarty Young Pro clinic.

They discuss everyday roping mistakes made while roping the sled during this full roping lesson. From basic to advanced roping techniques, they have the advice these cowgirls need to meet their breakaway potential.

Roping Lesson on Horseback with Shelby Boisjoli and Kelsie Domer
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About Kelsie Chace-Domer

Kelsie Chace-Domer grew up in a farming and ranching family in Cherokee, Oklahoma. She followed in her parents’ team roping footsteps and began competing at junior and high school rodeos. Even then, Chace-Domer knew she wanted to rope professionally. Now based in Stephenville, Texas, with her husband Ryan, she has established herself as a household name in the breakaway roping. One of her more recent accomplishments is winning the 2022 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Breakaway Roping title.

The First Swing with Kelsie Chace-Domer

“Kelsie brings so much grit and raw talent to the table, but her ability to translate that truly sets her apart,” said Chelsea Shaffer, editorial director for “Kelsie is so naturally talented, but she’s able to explain how she harnesses that talent in the practice pen so every level of roper can take something away from watching her instruction.”

About Shelby Boisjoli

Shelby Boisjoli is a two-time National Finals of Breakaway Roping qualifier. She is also a winner of the 2021 Women’s Rodeo World Championship All-Around Title. Originally from Alberta, Canada, she is known for leaving the box with a noticeable first swing. Above all, this helps her rope calves no matter where they are.

The Boisjoli Secret: How to Master Shelby Boisjoli’s First Swing

Shelby Boisjoli uses her first swing as well as her body position out of the box to be so hard to beat in the breakaway. For her strategy on getting to the front of the saddle, visit

Listen to Shelby Boisjoli on “The Breakaway Breakdown” podcast

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