Shelby Boisjoli breaks down her three favorite drills on the Smarty that help when facing walking fresh calves.

You never know what you’ll get with walking fresh calves. Sometimes they dart unpredictably and other times they stand stock-still. In this video brought to you by Smarty, three-time NFBR-qualifier Shelby Boisjoli breaks down three drills on the Smarty that will help with walking fresh calves—regardless of how they act in the arena.

Watch “Shelby Boisjoli’s Favorite Smarty Drills for Walking Fresh Calves” now:

About the Smarty JR Sidekick

The JR Sidekick is a ground breakaway dummy that you can take anywhere. It’s constructed of durable low-density polyethylene that will easily handle wear and tear in hot and cold weather. The Smarty Jr. Sidekick full body is compact and comes equipped with an easy grip handle.