The Breakaway Roper’s Target

Lari Dee Guy explains break over and aim at the target.

The Breakaway Roper’s Target
BRJ FIle Photo

In this Relentless Insights video, brought to you by Cactus Ropes, eight-time World Champion Lari Dee Guy describes her target in breakaway roping, explaining where she aims, how she breaks her rope over, and how she delivers her loop.

“My target is at the base of the neck and the shoulder. That is where I aim my rope. Aiming my rope is done with break over. Break over is when you turn the honda upside down. The break over needs to be aimed at the target. So I pick my rope over and break it over and aim it at the base of the neck where it ties into the shoulder. When I deliver my rope at the target, the piece that is in my hand will hit right where I aim.”

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About Lari Dee Guy:

Lari Dee Guy is an eight-time Women’s Professional Rodeo World Champion and leading advocate for women in rodeo. Guy, of Abilene, Texas, teaches roping clinics across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia when she’s not competing in the WPRA. She qualified for the first-ever National Finals of Breakaway Roping in Arlington, Texas, and she’s a 2021 Inductee into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and a 2020 inductee into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.